How To Find More Inspiration In Your Life

How To Find More Inspiration In Your Life

Mar 15, 2018, 3:15:10 PM Life and Styles

More often than not when someone is asked what inspires them or who inspires them, they quote famous personalities and their quotes. This is not a wrong, it is quite commendable but one has to ask why look towards such people’s lives yet they might not really be in touch with your current situation? Please do not get me wrong, I am not shooting down aspirations and dreams but I strongly believe that if we take a closer look at the people in our lives and how they overcome challenges, we will surely be able to find enough inspiration. We can take note of their motivational quotes that they constantly use in describing what gave them motivation in life.

Here are some sources of inspiration that are largely overlooked;

Spending time with family and friends

Family and friends are those whom we hold dearest to ourselves. These relationships are a key feature of our lives and whether we like it or not, they influence, directly and indirectly, how we approach situations in life. Of course not all your encounters with relatives and buddies will be wonderful and joyous but even from negative ones we can still derive inspiration. You might be searching for a marriage partner and you need not look at a royal couple for emulation. Your grandparents whose marriage is still flourishing in old age might just be the reason you are looking for in order to make that leap. Maybe your friend’s business is really doing well from humble beginnings and you need not look at a big corporation to give you inspiration to start your own hustle. Do not just live plainly with your family and friends, speak and listen to them keenly for they might just have what you so much seek.

Ever carefully listened to a random song in a coffee shop or restaurant and go like “Wow! That is so true!” Music is normally a past time or something to keep you from dozing while doing assignments but there is a lot of deep meaning embedded with lyrical prowess. The musician intended that that happens and wants you to do listen so that you may get the vibe that inspired them as well.

When we give to others who are less fortunate out of the goodness of your heart, you will truly see the beauty of life. Helping someone in need will be received by genuine gratitude. When this happens, you will see a reason to continue doing it.

Most of our lives are too busy that we cannot find some peace and quiet at any time of the day. When we reflect on our live and the actions we carry out, we are able to evaluate ourselves and see what need to be rectified or improved.

Sports and hobbies

These are often regarded as past-times especially if you are not doing them professionally. The dedication and effort we put into these activities can be source of inspiration for us to apply in other areas of our lives.

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