Is Compassion not always the choice?

Is Compassion not always the choice?

Aug 24, 2016, 12:10:39 AM Creative

Ah, the title and oh the answer:)


For yes and no,sometimes being not openly compassionate is also the best choice.

Sometimes,compassion is there but the ground for its growth is missing.So,sadly one has to just quieten the undulations of  one’s compassionate ocean within and take a deep breath till the time is right for its equanimous display.

I was wonderfully provoked by a certain person in the last few weeks of my travel and though with an insistent desire that- I should offer help,guidance and be a mother to this person A,I decided to be an empathetic listener and hold myself to the skin of conversation and not into the gradual pushing and drowning I would have been led into,had I not applied  the subtle streamlining of every scene and awareness as it went right in the moment.

So,though the said person A appeared thirsty for listening but  was voracious in disagreement;I bravely deciphered in a short time that person A’s need to receive compassion was not so intense as my need to offer compassion to them in the given situation was.Brilliantly saved,I must say.Luckily,at the end of unending mental churnings,I learnt to save myself  by not offering too much and wonderfully supported  both of us by just being in the moment with a choice of being aware,alert and equanimous but not superfluously compassionate to dole intellectual,charitable,personal give outs.

I finally reached closer to myself and to the learning that Funny but true,the chances are we never know the best.So,go slow ,breathe slow and wisely decide who needs compassion utmost-yourself or someone you have just pinned the gift for .   You may not like behaviours, words and people but you do not need to fix everything that compels and if it compels,you need to draw all the intention,energies and kindness towards yourself before anywhere else.

There is no harm in accepting that we do not have to offer compassion exactly the way we must have received.It can not be duplicated in theory but sensed  and empowered with an equanimous mind,it lives in suitable choices and actions.

Take good care of your resources,you need them as much as anyone else.

Be happy! Be well!



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