Avoid Contamination of Water Resources from Termites

Avoid Contamination of Water Resources from Termites

Jan 14, 2022, 10:50:35 AM Opinion

Water resources are the basic priority of every individual. Isn’t it? And do you think the termites should be avoided contaminating these water resources affecting the health of each and every individual? Because contaminated water leads to various diseases hampering the health with major issues. So, it’s very important to keep the water clean or you can say the water resources should be taken care of with preventive measures and to make sure from not being infected.   


However, to ensure that major safety precautions are being done you need to hire an expert. With extensive techniques and skills, termite control services professionals play a vital role while eradicating the pests on a complete note. While knowing the intruding difficult situation, you can easily protect your home from some usual termite treatment. 


Below are a few water resources listed that creates problem while treating the pests, such as:

1. Wells & Cisterns: Earlier the ancient homes are incorporated with wells and cisterns behind their home or in their backyard. Isn’t it? In order to consume fresh and germ-free water, every individual should take some preventive actions as early as possible. Well, the basic contamination takes place when the well is located underneath or near the foundation wall. Due to which the termites enter the water level and contaminate it. However, a liquid treatment can be done but there is certain restriction while doing so as it requires product knowledge and the distance of the well from the house. 


Being a time-consuming procedure of removal of soil near the foundation wall, and then after treating them with pesticides it is gain placed along the foundation, doing it all alone is not possible. A great helping hand of a professional termite control expert is must require. However, only because of the whole procedure the risk changes are higher of water contamination. 

2.  Foundation Drains: Usually, people choose to implant the foundation drains in order to prevent moisture problems around the houses. When people start constructing a house, they prefer to build the drain. And that to soil-filled at the top of it in order to avoid contamination of the drainage system. Sounds, great! Right? But at the same time, when a drain is being installed in a pre-existing home various problems may arise. However, digging the soil beneath the foundation will definitely disturb the termite protection barrier. And for sure the foundation will void the termite protection guarantee. 


So, at this point seeking an expert’s help, especially a professional termite control service provider will lead you to a great advantage before starting any project. Generally, the foundation drains are not identified. So before an expert plays the part of the treatment, make sure they are aware of the drain. And it is really important in order to avoid any kind of accidental running of the termiticides to your backyards or any other regions of the house. To limit the risk factor of applying the termiticides into the subsurface drains the applicators must take some preservatory actions from liquid treatments on foundation drains. However, to minimize the off-site movement of termiticide, a treated backfill technique is used rigorously. 


Last but not least, for the houses that carry a foundation drain, a well, or both of them an alternative liquid soil treatment is required which is known as a termite baiting system. Well, there are various companies that carry way more techniques to wayward this termite bait. And you can easily consult them for this kind of particular situation.


Moreover, preventing the termites from contaminating your water resources is quite difficult which requires intense effort and hard work techniques. It may increase the cost of the termite treatment for complete eradication, but it’s completely worthy of. And make aware to the termite control provider regarding the placement of the drain and the well in the house in order to avoid any kind of confusion and issue at the time of treatment. 

Published by Sarada Prasad Rath

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