Book Review: After You--Jojo Moyes

Book Review: After You--Jojo Moyes

Jul 12, 2016, 8:21:44 PM Entertainment

Me Before You was an amazing book that stuck with me; I found myself wanting to discuss it with random people because of the impact it had made. After You wasn't bad, but it was forgettable. It was a sequel I read to see where the characters end up and then promptly forgot, which seems strange because Jojo Moyes is a really good author and I typically like her writing. It was a sequel that may have been fine as a stand-alone book, but just didn’t cut it following the powerful book Me Before You.

I knew that Louisa would be battling depression after Will's death, and I completely understand the idea that there is no timetable on how long a person gets to mourn, but I couldn't tell what the focus of this story was. There were too many subplots going on and I felt like none of them were really taken to a natural end as much as just ended. I didn't find anything about this book to be compelling, whereas the first book was difficult to put down. I hesitate to say it is a bad book because clearly Moyes is a talented writer, but I am not sure that this adds anything to the first story. 2/5

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