Book Review: Construction--Sally Sutton

Book Review: Construction--Sally Sutton

Jul 19, 2016, 5:07:48 AM Entertainment

Sally Sutton’s book Construction uses an easy to read rhyme with steady rhythm and Brian Lovelock’s dynamic illustrations to show the construction process for a library. The onomatopoeic words that end each rhyme are my son’s favorite part; he quickly picks them up and loves to shout them out with me as we read the book together. Words like thonk, clonk and clap really stick with a toddler because I hear him singing them to himself later when he is using his tools to fix our own walls, followed by a hearty heave-ho, phew! Sutton’s word choice is part of what makes her construction book wonderful, it engages the reader and keeps the pace brisk and enjoyable. Lovelock’s illustrations are delightful, from the endpapers which feature a huge pile of nuts, that my son always is quick to tell me would make his construction trucks very happy, to the colorful images of large construction vehicles at work.

There are a lot of cool details to find in the pictures; the construction crew is diverse, with men and women at work doing similar jobs and different phases of the construction are outlined so the reader is given an inside look of how a building is built. I also find the back page handy as it has machine facts, a glossary of sorts, about the trucks and even the safety equipment worn by the construction workers. This is a repeat read in our house by one of our favorite authors.  

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