Book Review: Duck and Goose, Let's Dance!-- Tad Hills

Book Review: Duck and Goose, Let's Dance!-- Tad Hills

Jul 14, 2016, 3:55:48 AM Entertainment

I just have to say up front, I love Duck and Goose, the characters are quirky and fallible in a way that young kids totally relate to. It’s true, I may own more than one Duck and Goose book, because my son and students are always clamoring to hear more about Duck and Goose’s adventures; so when I saw that Tad Hills had made Duck and Goose, Let’s Dance! this year I had to get it. Duck and Goose introduce their new song with a dance party banner and some old friends. Each page has lyrics from the song with Duck and Goose showing how to do it in the illustration, what a great way to get your little ones up and moving around as they dance along to the original lyrics written by Lauren Savage and Ross Gruet. The pictures of Duck and Goose flapping their tail feathers are hysterical. The book is the chorus of the song, but in the back you can find the entire song written out.

Published by Sarah BooksBeforeBandaids

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