Book Review: Me Before You--Jojo Moyes

Book Review: Me Before You--Jojo Moyes

Jul 12, 2016, 7:49:33 PM Entertainment

Me Before You is the kind of book that grabs on to the reader and drags you through to an end that is engrossing. I didn't really think this was a love story as much as a story of choices and the importance of being able to make them. Jojo Moyes tells the story of Louisa, a woman who has become too used to her life and the protection it offers her. At one point in her life a choice was taken from her and she lost her self-confidence and with it her drive to do anything beyond the confines of her town. Her interactions with Will force her to think about what she really wants and how to achieve her new goals. As her confidence grows so does her ability to see herself in a different place. I thought Will was a great character. He clearly defined what a lack of self-choice does to a person. His character seemed very realistic, even more so than Lou at times. This is a story that really that makes you think and feel. I actually haven’t yet watched the movie as I am worried that it won’t live up to the book, and the book left me feeling like full, like I had eaten a great meal, I don’t want to ruin it. 4.3/5

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