Book Review: Sunrise Over Fallujah--Walter Dean Myers

Book Review: Sunrise Over Fallujah--Walter Dean Myers

Jul 19, 2016, 5:15:32 AM Entertainment

Sunrise Over Fallujah by Walter Dean Myers is a gritty look at the realities of war through the eyes of Birdy, a young African American man who decides to enlist in the Army because of 9/11. Birdy, experiences a mix of emotions when he arrives in the middle east and as the days progress, there is patriotism and excitement, but also, horror. This is war with horrific, tragic events, and Myers does not pull any punches, days of boredom, followed by tragedy. Birdy is assigned to a civil affairs unit, so he should not have to see actual combat, but even there helping civilians is more than what it appears. As with all of Myers’ book, especially Fallen Angels which was Myers’ book about Vietnam, Myers remains outside the war itself, allowing the reader to draw their own conclusions as to how they feel about what is going on. There are characters on every side of the issues and all of them grow and change throughout the story. Birdy enlists in many ways because he wants to find out what war is all about, his uncle was in Vietnam, in the book Fallen Angels, but soon his idle curiosity becomes horror at what he has to do to survive. This is an interesting read and a unique perspective on the start of the war in Iraq.

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