Book Review: Tallulah: The Tooth Fairy CEO—Dr. Tamara Pizzoli

Book Review: Tallulah: The Tooth Fairy CEO—Dr. Tamara Pizzoli

Oct 10, 2016, 12:39:10 AM Entertainment


When I was young and started losing my teeth, I remember it being very traumatic. I swallowed one of my teeth while eating a carrot and lost another one in a plate of rice. I had no idea how the tooth fairy, who I imagined as a mix of Tinker Bell and an oversized magical tooth, was going to react when there was no tooth under my pillow. I definitely would have been reassured if I had known that Tallulah was in charge. Dr. Tamara Pizzoli makes a compelling case for how to handle this dilemma in Tallulah: The Tooth Fairy CEO. With bold, vibrant illustrations by Federico Fabiani, Tallulah is depicted as a Black woman with a gorgeous afro and a stunning sense of style. Her busy schedule as CEO of the Teeth Titans, Inc., the largest teeth collecting organization on the planet, still leaves her enough time to go out on her rounds as head tooth fairy. When she runs into six-year-old Ballard Burchell with only a note instead of a tooth beneath his pillow, Tallulah checks her employee manual and then goes straight to the Board of Directors. What does the tooth Fairy do when there is no tooth?


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