Book Review: This is My Brain on Boys--Sarah Strohmeyer

Book Review: This is My Brain on Boys--Sarah Strohmeyer

Jul 23, 2016, 4:09:09 AM Entertainment

Sarah Strohmeyer’s book This is my Brain on Boys has a really interesting premise. Addie is in the summer before her senior year in school and she has discovered the formula to make people fall in love. Addie is in the middle of testing this formula on unsuspecting students, even her best friend, because if this formula works, it could be the key to getting her the Athenian Award, with its scholarship to Harvard, her dream school. Addie doesn’t even believe in love, for herself, she is socially very awkward, literal to a fault and focused entirely on science (think Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory); but then she has a death defying experience with a boy from her school, Kris, while flying back to campus and she slowly realizes that she is interested in him. For a book based on science, there were some questionable scientific practices going on here. The whole idea of Addie’s experiment while sounding cute and fun, just doesn’t make sense, there are no real controls put in place. Addie set the experiment up so there was one girl and two boys, one was the control love interest and one was the experimental love interest. The girl and the experimental love interest were placed in high risk situations to see if adrenaline filled situations increased attraction; but she didn’t have a way to control their interaction outside of the lab. She also doesn’t account for any other love interests of the people in the experiment. This is a fast paced read that is humorous and raises some interesting questions. 

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