Series Review: Boy Band novels—Jacqueline E. Smith

Series Review: Boy Band novels—Jacqueline E. Smith

Oct 4, 2016, 10:28:23 PM Entertainment

Mel, is an artistic intern for her best friend’s band The Kind of September, which is the hottest boy band around. The band is made up of Mel’s best friend, Sam, Josh, Cory, Oliver and Jesse; and while they are all handsome, fun-loving and talented, they, also, are very unique individuals with interesting backstories. Mel has been their biggest supporter since they were just starting out and now with the release of the third album just weeks away, their lives are getting even more crazy. Mel has to cope with living on the road, with all of the rumors that swirl around the band, and how best to hide her secret crush on Sam from everyone. Jacqueline Smith’s first book in the series, Boy Band is a fast paced read with interesting characters that seem incredibly relatable, despite their talent and wealth. They have true to life flaws, deal with the double-edged sword of success, and face rejections, breakups, and life in the friend zone.


The shocking ending of Boy Band leads into the sweet relationship of Backstage, but everything is not what it seems. While Sam and Mel seem like such a perfect couple, Mel is hiding some pretty huge secrets and they are eating her up. While part of me understands her reasoning, I, also, just wish she had trusted her friends and Sam more and told them what was going on. It would have spared everyone so much pain. Her inner dialogue really drives this novel, as it helps describe a lot of her growth throughout the book. The bullying from the fans online is so crazy and painfully real that you really get drawn into the drama and there is a lot of drama, so much drama.


Worldwide begins where Backstage ended, with the band falling apart. There is a lot of tension that is rippling through this novel and even during the good moments between Sam and Mel, the tension is still there. Now that many of the band’s secrets have come out, fans are angry and band members are fighting and not talking. It’s fascinating to see how every action affects each of the band members differently and how the fans react online. While Mel is still the main character, she is watching her friends implode and seeing it through her eyes is fascinating and dramatic. The focus on rumors and gossip, online bullying, secrets, and drama continues, with yet another dramatic ending, leaving me wondering where is book 4?



Note: The author sent me the books in exchange for an honest review

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