It's OK to spend all day in Bed!

It's OK to spend all day in Bed!

Nov 4, 2016, 2:41:02 AM Opinion

Yes its been one of "those" days.

Sometimes fighting shadows is tough, sometimes it just takes it out of you and all the energy you have is to sit in bed all day watching Downton Abbey.

You'll feel guilty all the things that needed to be done all the people you let down. They'll be there tomorrow.

My anxiety drains me the constant worry and panic on top of everyday activities is draining and I was always determined to fight through it, until this week. I got a cold nothing big but it stopped my drained exhausted mind and body in its tracks forget my never-ending to do list I couldn't even walk up the stairs.

Our bodies beg us to rest but we live in a world which never sleeps, so we don't but we need to and shouldn't feel ashamed too.

Published by Sarah Durrant

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