How to use One Brush for your Eye Makeup?

How to use One Brush for your Eye Makeup

How to use One Brush for your Eye Makeup?

Oct 12, 2016, 2:54:31 PM Creative

When it comes to makeup nothing seems to be enough. We want more eye shadows, more brushes even if we've got enough blending brushes . But to YOU who are just starting out doing Makeup. You want to create those amazing smokey eyes & crazy colorful eye makeups,as sometimes we need multiple clean brushes to create one eye makeup. But unfortunately you've got only one or two brush and you can't afford to have zoeva, sigma etc brushes right now or even any other new brushes because you're on a budget. So What to do now?  Well today, MY Lovely Friends I'll share with you a secret to how to use one or two brushes that you own, to create those amazing beautiful eye makeups. Also this secret would help you during traveling. You won't be needing to carry so many different brushes.IMG_0263.JPGCan you guess What it could be or how? Whether its on a budget or do I need to spend some more extra money on that?

Yes, you may or may not need to spend a little money  depends on if you already have the product at home. For me I didn't have to spend any at all because I already have it at home.

Did you guess what it is? Nope???

Its a SPONGE, yes you've heard it right a SPONGE. I have this sponge since I don't know when but I got it in one of the packages when I bought earrings from one online store Done By None which probably is shut down. Anyways, if you're a regular reader of my blog you would have known by now how I have a habit of keeping all things, this was also one of them.


All you need to do is just rub the brushes on the sponge like the one in the pic below till it becomes clean. It won't be squeaky clean as after proper cleaning but clean enough to use another color on the same brush. IMG_0265.JPG

You do get brush cleaning sponges but why spend extra money on a sponge when you have it at home or you can buy a cheaper one. Besides its kinda same . And to those who love to travel all you gotta carry is few or one brush and a sponge.


Next time when you get a sponge on your package from anything DON'T I repeat DON'T THROW IT AWAY.  :D


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