What Gets Me Writing?

What gets me writing? What sets my fingers on fire where I just have to play with the keys? 

Mostly, I have a great desire to learn, and for some reason, I learn best through writing down what’s running through my head. God can bring to my mind a verse, a word, a conversation, or a concept. I don’t think that anything happens by simple accident; I can learn from every situation; even though the lesson learned may simply be, “Don’t ever do that again.” 

The point is that I don’t try to just shut down my brain and put mittens on my hands; I do my best to release the spark onto some sort of recording device, so that a flame may be kindled in my heart today and again in the future. If I should keep everything locked up inside, it would be like covering a candle with a bucket, like quenching the power of the Holy Spirit of God within me. A fire burns in my heart, and though it has the power to heal, keeping it locked up inside would bring me to a miserable end and it may mean that the lost and broken around me lose their chance at knowing Jesus. 

I have never seen the sick healed at the touch of my hand or the word of my mouth. And I don’t really know how much of an impact my posts have on people, but I know that I come out changed. The Holy Spirit is at work within me, and He teaches me even as I type these words. 

I hear my Abba say to me, “Never stop writing.” Paul wrote about running the race with endurance, but this is not a physical race, it is a spiritual race, one that cannot be clearly quantified. And ultimately, everyone who believes on Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior has won the race already, but the point is to finish well; to live a holy and passionate life for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords; to develop one’s spiritual gifts for the glory of God the Father.

My tongue is the pen of a ready writer, and so are my fingers. I desire to live by the words I write, which does not mean I want to make a living off of the words I write (though, that would be pretty cool), but I want to be defined by what I write; at least, the redemptive and holy part of what I write; the scriptural part of what I write. But the Spirit manifested through my fingers is still overruled by my flesh at times. Just like always, I pray for rarely; that my sins would rarely take precedence over my King until the evil things I want are erased from my mind entirely. 

So, this is what gets me writing; the passion to see my life change and the hope that God is also changing the lives of those around me through the words I write. 

Jesus is in the business of transforming ugly and sinful people into resurrected and holy heirs of God. I am a walking and typing testament of God’s transforming power, and there are many more just like me, endued with a Holy Spirit power to display the glory of God through the medium (or spiritual gift) that God has given them. 

Oh, Jesus, I am so grateful to read Your Word and realize that You wrote it for me and every other broken person on this planet. The Holy Bible is the greatest work I can reference, because it is the piece of You that I can hold in my hand and in my heart. Until I reach Heaven’s gates, help me to be content with Your Word. And even for those parts of Your Word that leave me stumped and confused, I am grateful, because I am reminded once again that You are God and I am not. All things are in Your hands, even the hands that type this sentence.

I commit this day, this night, this weekend, and this whole life to You, Jesus. Do with me as You will. Amen.

Published by Sarah JoAnna

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