All You Need to Know About Plantation Shutters

All You Need to Know About Plantation Shutters

Oct 25, 2021, 4:07:36 AM Life and Styles

Plantation shutters are long-standing popular among homeowners. Interior plantation shutters, often known as wooden window shutters, provide practicality, privacy, and a beautiful classic look to modern and traditional houses. Additionally, they may add value to a house since many homeowners prefer indoor plantation shutters to draperies, blinds, or curtains.

Interior plantation shutters got their name from their enormous louver size and appearance, which evokes the massive shutters used on antebellum plantations in the southeast United States.

Plantation shutters are the ideal option for today's home design trends toward wide outdoor vistas. These internal shutters look great in every area of the house, but particularly in the dining room and bedrooms. However, plantation shutters' flexibility extends to kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms.

Today's shutters are available in a variety of materials to precisely complement your environment. By consulting a shutter expert, you may ascertain the optimal material for your home's location, room type, and design preferences.

While the majority of people like the appearance of plantation shutters, many are unaware of the subtleties to consider when purchasing their own. That is why we have created a purchasing guide for plantation shutters.

Here are a few points to consider while shopping for high-quality custom plantation shutters.


1. Aesthetic Influence

Plantation shutters have a timeless, beautiful style that serves to give any house a feeling of size and spaciousness. If you choose to fully open your shutters, they will let in an abundance of natural light and warmth while also giving dimension and depth to any space.

Additionally, since these window shutters are custom-made and fitted to your design standards, the final product will match the size and design needs of your area.

2. Quality

Custom plantation shutters are handcrafted and fitted with high-quality materials; they are made to endure the most extreme weather conditions. From continuous sun exposure to wind, snow, and even rain, the broad slats and strong base can withstand the elements, offering a window decorating option you can rely on for decades with appropriate maintenance and usage.

3. They contribute to the energy efficiency of your house

Due to the fact that plantation shutters are permanent fixtures that fully surround your windows, they effectively block out excess heat in summer and cold in the winter. Your house will become more energy efficient as less heat is transported into and out of the space.

4. They are durable

Custom plantation shutters are among the most durable window coverings available for your house. They may endure a long time, depending on the material you select and how often you use them. They are very resistant to moisture, which means they will endure for years when placed in a bathroom.


In contrast to window blinds, plantation shutters are permanently attached to the house's frame and are often constructed of higher-quality, more lasting materials.

1. Wooden Shutters for Windows

The ideal plantation shutter is made of wood. These shutters are equally adept in residential and business settings. While these shutters have a life expectancy of more than 25 years, their primary selling point is their ageless appearance.

Plantation shutters come in a solid design with two to three hardwood panels that fold into the window alcove or expand to fill the whole recess.

However, even if you select wood plantation shutters, you may choose from a variety of wood species, including engineered wood, basswood, and knotty alder.

2. Plantation Shutters in Vinyl

PVC shutters have also joined the market in recent years. Buyers must bear in mind that plantation shutters are built to last and are of superior quality. Therefore caution should be used when buying them.

Without appropriate treatment, PVC plantation shutters may distort and discolor after prolonged exposure to sunlight. These alternate materials, on the other hand, are more resistant to moisture and humidity.

Vinyl shutters are a great alternative for homeowners seeking a low-maintenance solution. Vinyl's primary benefit is its waterproof nature, which makes it an excellent option for bathrooms and over the kitchen sink. Additionally, vinyl shutters are available in a variety of configurations, including composite and solid vinyl.


Plantation shutters are completely customizable. Custom plantation shutters may be optimized in a variety of ways, from color to louver size, configuration to functioning.


Shutters typically cost between $400 and $800 per window of conventional size. While this may seem to be a high price to pay, interior plantation shutters can provide long-term cost benefits owing to enhanced energy efficiency.

To sum it up

Whichever features or materials you choose, your plantation shutters need a personalized treatment. To get a free estimate on your custom plantation shutter package, contact The Burkhart Company.

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