How To Choose An Addiction Therapist?

How To Choose An Addiction Therapist?

Sep 23, 2021, 5:16:00 AM Life and Styles

Nowadays, several people are getting their certifications to become addiction therapists for earning well and doing something good for society. However, it has become challenging to know the right therapist as everyone claims them to be the best in business.

There are two simple ways to find the right addiction therapist: research local addiction therapists online or evaluate an addiction therapist who is recommended by your friend, family, or any other professional. These are the best way to find the best therapist for your addiction concerns. Now, you must start looking for some crucial qualities in them to know if they are the credible, competent, and best match for you or not. Some of the qualities to check are:

1. Checking For The Credentials

First, you have to check for the therapist's credentials to know if their claims are valid or not. Ensure to check if they have the associated degree explicit to your addiction concern. You must choose a professional with a proper up-to-date license notified on their profile listing or website. This will help you verify the authenticity of the professionals and help you move to the following quality.

2. Expertise of The Therapist In The Field of Addiction

You must choose an addiction therapist with years of expertise in handling patients related to the field of addiction. This can be a bit challenging as there's no standardized way to know if someone's an addiction expert or not. For instance, you won't be impressed and encouraged to visit a therapist with limited knowledge of medication management and not conversational therapies. So, check if they have worked over the years and handled the clients well or not.

3. Certification of The Addiction Therapist

You must look for a professional therapist with proper certification from authentic authorities. If you want to consult a psychiatrist:

● Check if they are board-certified in addiction medicine or not.

● If you want to visit a psychologist, check if they have an additional certification as a certified drug and alcohol counselor or not.

● See if they have conducted any research and published articles or books or not. You must know that addiction counselors get certified by the state board, but they lack the training on mental health conditions received by a psychologist.

4. Checking Online Reviews On Therapists

You must check for the online reviews of your shortlisted therapists. However, there are some exceptionally good therapists with no online reviews due to their unavailable online presence or some other reason. You must look for all of their reviews and choose the one with maximum positive reviews and the highest star ratings.

5. Check And Review The Therapist's Website

Now, you have to review the professional's website and additional sites where their practices are listed down. This will help you know if the therapist is offering "best practices" or "evidence-based" treatment. These things are not that crucial but help you learn the most updated evidence-based treatment approaches. You have to inquire politely and ask for their opinion on something like 12-step facilitation, relapse prevention, harm reduction, motivational interviewing, and so on.

6. Go For A Phone Conversation To Develop Confidence

You must go for a phone conversation to check if there's any connection between you and your therapist. This conversation will help you develop confidence and a bond of trust. You must feel secure and comfortable with your addiction therapist to get the best results out of your therapy. You have to say that you're looking for a therapist and that you want to ask few questions. You have to address your concerns so that the therapist can see if you're a good fit for their expertise or not.

7. Go For A Follow-Up Appointment

Now, you have to go for a follow-up appointment to meet the therapist in person. This will help you know if your initial instinct was correct about the therapist or not. You can go for one or two appointments to decide if the therapist is the right fit for planning your further treatment procedure together or not. You must focus on choosing a therapist that you believe in and connect with. Also, check after the face-to-face meet-up that their treatment plan fits into your budget or not. Ensure that their treatment programs are all cost-efficient.

Wrapping Up

So, if you want to choose the best addiction therapist by looking at some of their top qualities, then you have come to the right place. This blog has every detail to find and choose the best addiction therapists from top medical solutions like NuLease Medical Solution. So, get the best out of this guide, check for the qualities, and choose the right therapist for you. Get started today.

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