How To Find The Right Boat Trailer Rental Service

Boat Trailer Rental with Brakes

How To Find The Right Boat Trailer Rental Service

Oct 14, 2021, 5:24:24 AM Life and Styles

Do you own a boat but don't have a trailer to transport it? You can take your boat anywhere by using a trailer rental service. With this service, you don't need to spend much on a boat trailer. It is the more economical choice, mainly if you don't regularly transport your boat from one place to another.

The Type and Size of Your Boat Matters

But before you decide on which boat trailer rental service to use, you must note all the needed information regarding your boat. Consider the length, weight, and width of your boat.

The weight of your boat is not just the weight of the vessel, but you must also include all the items inside the boat. This includes all your accessories, fuel, and cargo during transport. If you don't know the weight of your board, check your owner's manual or the paperwork that came during purchase. You may also contact the dealership or the company where you purchased your boat.

The type of boat is another factor that determines the trailer you need. Some of the most common boats are canoes, kayaks, dinghy boats, fishing boats, skiff boats, rescue boats, center console boats, deck boats, and pontoons. Aside from the size, mention the type of boat when you rent a boat trailer.

Consider The Correct Trailer

Use a good-quality boat trailer that matches the size of your boat. An incorrect trailer size will not fit your boat but can also place it in jeopardy. You are also putting other vehicles on the road in danger as the trailer may not be enough to handle the type and size of boat you have.

The most common type of trailers is single-axle trailers. These are the easiest to maneuver and are compatible with boats that are 22 feet long or smaller. Meanwhile, larger boats require trailers with multiple axles for easy transport. Other factors to consider are:

·       The boat trailer’s lights

·       The type of tires

·       The frame material

·       The type of brakes

·       The wiring and roller

·       The trailer bunk

The trailer bunk is a carpeted wooden board placed on the trailer before the boat is loaded. Bunks are available in different sizes, so there's a bunk that will hold your type and size of boat.

Remember, the more you're aware of these variables, the easier it is to make the best choice for selecting a trailer rental service.

Looking For the Best Trailer Rental Services

Looking around for the best trailer rental service may be easier if you live in an area with many boats. It is likely that marine supply companies and boating sales companies also rent trailers, or they may know of a company that offers this kind of service.

You may also find reliable rental services from the marina office where you keep your boat. Marina workers will surely be able to help you out with the number of a local rental service. If you can’t find information locally, you may also try looking for a rental company online.

Searching online for a trailer rental service also allows you to research the company's reputation and safety practices. Narrow down your sources to at least three or four and call them up. Inquire updated paperwork (proof of insurance, driver or operator's information, etc.) and ask essential questions to decide the most suitable rental company finally.

If budget is an issue, choose at least three or four companies and inquire about their rates. Compare and weigh in on the rental details before you make a final decision.

Always Plan For Your Trip in Advance

To save time and money, consider reserving the trailer rental a few months in advance. Plan your trip for months so you can get a good deal. For instance, a winter fishing trip may be planned as early as the summer months, especially if special promos, discounts, or sales are offered. However, for regular fishing trips, book your favorite trailer rental yearly. Doing so will save you from any worry about the trailer being unavailable during the time of your journey.

Boat Trailer Rental or Buy Your Own?

You might be wondering if it's worth buying a boat trailer or just renting one. Consider the following questions:

·       Do I often take my boat to different places or only 1 to 3 times a year?

If you go fishing often and prefer to fish in different places, you might consider buying a trailer rather than renting one. But if you only take your boat out a few times a year or less, renting one is the more economical choice.

·       Do I have space to keep a huge boat trailer?

If you don't have parking space for a boat trailer, you're better of renting one. But if you have room in your backyard, yard, or garage for a trailer, then, by all means, purchase one.

·       Do I have the budget for a boat trailer?

A boat trailer is a small investment to keep your boat at its best during transport. If you have the budget for a trailer, then go ahead and purchase one. But if you don't have enough money to buy a trailer, there's always a trailer rental service to help you out.


Consider all these factors when looking for an exemplary boat trailer rental service. Renting a trailer is easy and hassle-free when you understand the factors that affect your choice. Take time to find the best trailer rental with good service to give you more value for your money.

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