How You Can Find the Right Hairdresser and Book a Hairdresser Online

How You Can Find the Right Hairdresser and Book a Hairdresser Online

How You Can Find the Right Hairdresser and Book a Hairdresser Online

Jun 28, 2021, 9:15:51 AM Life and Styles

Have you recently just moved into Clapham? If the answer is yes, chances are, you are in the market for strong recommendations for hairdressers in Clapham. There could be a multitude of reasons for needing to find the right hair stylist that understands your needs and helps you to achieve the look that you want. Unfortunately, we know that not everyone has had the best of luck in this endeavour. No matter the reason, we all deserve to find that perfect match that delivers every time and boosts our confidence. 

It is a common experience for the hair stylists working at Gritt London to hear about their customers trying to find the right hairdresser for them. The struggle of not finding the ideal hairdresser is real, and it’s time we help you find the ideal hairdresser for all your needs. We’ve put together a few important pointers that will guide you in finding the right establishment that will keep you coming back. 

1- Socialise and research

The standard go-to move of typing in 'book a hairdresser online near me' will give you loads of information about local salons, accompanied by popular reviews. It is possible to find almost anything in a matter of seconds, but the results can be overwhelming and time consuming to sort through. If you are new to the area and have made a few acquaintances, it would be advisable to ask for their opinions, because the local community will provide you with a wealth of knowledge and credibility to the options available. This combination of results from your internet search and validation from locals can narrow down your candidates for the best place to book hair appointments online.  

2- Consult with them directly

If you’ve got extra time on your hands, it is more than okay to walk into a salon and have a chat with their senior stylists to get a feel of the place and their services. First impressions count, and having a chat with them will give you the opportunity to think twice before booking with them, especially if it's a salon you’ve never tried before. Once you’ve tried this, you will likely be able to visualise the experience and start to book hair appointments online, with your desired establishment or hairdresser. 

3- Go through their portfolio

Every reputable salon has a portfolio, and they can be a great source of information showcasing their work. They upload testimonials, reviews, and pictures from their various works, and you can decide whether that particular style and hairdresser suits you the best. Check with the salon that their portfolio is up-to-date and has a variety of good hairstyles and cuts. These can typically be found on their official website and their profiles on social media. 

4- The hairdresser should be experienced

Like with any other profession, you would want to have a polite and professional experience, and the same goes for hairdressers. The biggest reason why people choose experienced hairdressers is that they have probably worked with a variety of different hair types and know how to approach them. They understand which style will suit you and how you look after your hair to ensure that your hair stays healthy. Ask them how long they have been in the industry and where they’ve received training . This will give you an idea of how good your hairdresser is. 

5- Do not always settle for low prices

Cost, whether low or high, does not always determine the quality and skill level of your hairdresser. Remember that some establishments tend to charge more just to cover rent, so an independent stylist with a smaller shop could easily just be as qualified. Always carry out your due diligence first to ensure that you will be looked after by an experienced qualified hairdresser. 


6- Show them pictures of what you want

Whether you're visiting them for a consultation or are going for a makeover, it would be helpful to have a few pictures of your desired look. This will help you and the hairdresser in getting an idea of what you want and whether you're satisfied with the result or not. Verbally describing something can be misinterpreted, but a picture will give a more accurate depiction of what you are after.  

Over to you

Among the best hairdressers in Clapham are the professional stylists at Gritt London. At Gritt London, they have earned their vote of confidence from the local community, as an establishment that sets the bar high. Offering a wide variety of quality services and client care, you will surely walk out of Gritt London feeling amazing.

Published by Sarah Jones

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