Fit Girls 28 day Jumpstart challenge - check in week 4

Fit Girls 28 day Jumpstart challenge - check in week 4

Aug 23, 2016, 12:00:00 AM Life and Styles
Happy Monday and welcome to another Fit Girls Guide, 28 day jumpstart challenge update.   I cannot believe we're rounding into the final week of this challenge - it feels like a whirl wind of a month and quite honestly of this challenge.  I have to say I have not followed as closesly the recipes in this e-book as I might in others, some either from lack of interested (I do not like Polenta) or budget constraints (we've been watching or pennies and using what we have in the fridge more so than buying new each week).  In addition, with a few health tweaks on other fronts I feel that I've drifted from this particular e-book and I apologize dear reader.  To make a small amends I'm going to link my final outcome post to the first time I did the challenge a few years back so you can see my honest opinion of it fresh out of the gate.  And here I'm going to tell you a few things about my journey this month, what to expect going forward and again just my love for the Fit Girl community in general.
Meal Prep - If there is one thing I can convey to you with the utmost importance, it is meal prep!  It sucks to move on Sunday and think about the week coming forward but, with just a few key ingredients and about an hour you can knock out your meals for the first half of the week and you're on your way to a great start already.  In the mornings even if I'm running late, it's really easy to put my lunch in my bag while I'm waiting for my coffee to heat up, and then I have a good nutritious meal or 2 or 3 depending on the day, waiting for me, instead of me starving and thinking about how far I want to walk to get my lunch for the day. If you're interested in hearing more about meal prep and what I do, post me a note in the comments section and I'll put a longer piece together about what I do, step by step.
Sleep Apnea - I've stated in other posts, I was diagnosed with pretty terrible sleep apnea a few months back, and I have a feeling it has contributed to my weight gain (and even worse my lack of losing) tremendously over the last two years.  I've gained and lost the same 10 pounds over and over again.  As soon as I think things are getting better, a migraine hits, my exhaustion level tanks, and I'm back eating crap and watching TV on the couch instead of eating healthy and getting the exercise I need.  I spent about a month (about how long it would take for the exhaustion levels to reach max capacity again) getting used to the machine and feeling the changes in my body and really hoping that this will break the cycle. Month two was testing the waters of exercise and eating habits and sleeping patterns, I still need more sleep than I did before all of this started but it's probably better for me in the long run to get 7 hours in and just adjust my time backward instead of forcing something that doesn't want to go.  Hmm maybe It's making me wiser too!  So as we round out into month 3 I'm feeling rather upbeat about my ability to lose weight and my exercise energy levels in general.  I'll post a follow up in a few weeks again about all the strange little things that you don't realize are attached to your sleep apnea problems.
Supplements - And now let's talk about supplements.  These are things I've been hesitant to try let along talk about, I grew up in the days of caffeinated diet pills and ephedra and have always been leary about trying any of them.  Then as I started my fitgirl journey I realized there's been a lot of changes to the market recently (they've become far more mainstream) they seem to be healthier (as long as you're diligent about what you're using and how your body reacts to them) so when I was approached by a company to become a brand ambassador for them, I thought maybe this will be that little extra bump that get's me over the hump and on a healthy downward track. This brand (that I will mention farther down the road) specializes in women's supplements and while still relatively small, seems to strive toward helping women, start and meet their health goals.  They don't press the supplements as being the one stop shop and really stress that you need to include a healthy eating and exercise plan along with the supplements taken. So off I have gone with them and will report back to you after a few more weeks of using the products to see how they're working into my daily routine.
Beach Body on Demand - I'm really bad at the whole weight training part of exercise, especially if it's going to the gym and using the equipment, but I have promised myself that if I can lose the first 30 pound or so, I will hire a trainer for a bit to work with me on the lifting part. In addition I get bored with things really fast so trying a program out for a few months or something that doesn't change from week to week will get me to quit faster than anything.  Enter Beachbody on Demand, they have a vast varitey of workouts to choose from - for August I've been working on a really old program called Yoga Booty Ballet, it's campy as all get out but it makes me giggle in the early morning and reminds me to get myself moving for the day.  I still sweat and feel challenged by it, although quite honestly at this stage of my healthy life anything would challenge me!  Last week I got to try a sneak peek at the Yoga program they'll be debuting next month and based on a fun cooking show they're testing I already know (once I've gone through the fit girl books) I'll be trying the 21 day fix containers next. 
So what happens going forward?  Don't worry I'm not giving up on my Fit Girls -  there's too much support in the community and I haven't finished out the rest of the e-books. I'm excited to move into the Fitkini challenge in a few weeks and the 3 month bootcamp after that(I might even keep up with the exercise programs on those). I'm going to keep plugging away with the supplements and really work toward not sabotaging myself (which I know we're all really good at).  Expect to hear more from me and I hope you have a great week!
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