Week In Review - 09/10/16

Week In Review - 09/10/16

Sep 10, 2016, 5:00:00 AM Life and Styles
Happy Saturday, I thought I would start a new series akin to the week in pics, something easy something that helps you get to know me and something that will hopefully get you thinking about your own week in review.  As always if you're interested in following me on any of my social media platforms they are listed below:
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So how did the first full week of September go? Quite honestly not so bad.  While I didn't get nearly the things accomplished that I wanted to, I did get a chance to regroup, get a little more grounded and the best part, at least for me is getting my hair mojo back. I didn't even realize it was gone until I saw my new cut and color and knew it was all over!  
With that here's a few categories I thought you might be interested in:
What are you reading - Right now I am between books, it's been so crazy at work and I haven't been home enough to even think about sitting down and reading anything.
What are you listening to -  let's see, I added a new playlist to my Apple account - it's 90's love all the time, including Songs from Ace of Base, Kid Rock, Biggie Smalls and Marcy Playground. Sometimes it's nice to rock out to the sounds of your generation, especially when all of the popular music is so trashy and demeaning to women now adays.
What are you watching - Well there wasn't much watching happening this week - I think I got in the one episode of Major Crimes (what a tear jerker), although last weekend we did watch, Room - it was incredible, I can appreciate why it got the Oscar nods it did.  And No Good Deed - man that one had me all turned around too. I'm hoping to get out and see a new one this weekend but we see how our schedule goes.
What are you working on - Currenly my "paying job" is taking priority, let's just say I've been in HR heck all week long with some internal movement, and other things I don't care to share.

Weekly goals -

- again write one and update one post for each site

- Get the garden started 

- walk the pups 3 times

- get the fall wardrobe out and start transitioning

food for the week/fitness goals - It is Fitgirls time again starting September 12th I have my grocery list and food plan filled out, I'm getting ready to print out my workout plans and I'm ready to get back into the game - this last week has been a little food heavy and exercise thin.
Beauty updates - As this posts I'm heading off to a Sephora event and probably picking up a few things for the fall/winter season.  I have a few items I'd like to see in person before I make any decisions to buy, and I think it's time transition back to a lighter foundation color for the fall/winter months.
Style update - Today as I was walking to lunch with my girlfriend, I saw a beautiful young woman in a plaid top, skinny jeans and long boots, and I thought man she looks nice - I wonder how hot she is?  We topped above the 90's this week again but, I can feel the chill in the air and I'm going to brave it and pull out my fall transition pieces just in case.
What did you really screw up this week - nothing pops to the front of my head so I'm either in denial or I didn't do anything too awful.  Wait ok something small, we had a Toastmasters contest at work this week, and I did not practice for it, so while my speech was solid and rather good, it wasn't great and cost me the win this year - sad face.
What did you do that was awesome - True awesomeness this week belongs to my stylist, if anyone lives in the area and needs one her name is Jamie (James T Salon - El Sobrante, CA) she is the best! Like really the best, and she gave me my hair mojo back something fierce this week.  I have to say I can handle most other indignities of aging, hormones, womanly issues etc with a good sense of humor, screw with my hair, and I am out of sorts for days.
How's the family - Steve got bit by something day before yesterday and it looks awful, he must have really been allergic to the venom, I'm keeping a close eye on it just to make sure it doesn't turn into anything too major. Everyone says I overreact to these types of things but really, it's pretty nasty, it looks like something burned him to the point of blistering in the center and then for almost 2 inches in diameter it's red and a little swollen.  Fingers crossed the swelling goes down and it was just a minor reaction.
How are the dogs - Well the pups are good and they may have found a puppy daycare/boarding facility they like.  We have to take them in for a temerment and cohabitation test tomorrow but if all goes well they'll have a very fun and rather expensive (but on point with others) puppy hotel to stay out when we're out of town.  
Until next week - XoXo - Sarah

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