Week in Review - 09/24/16

Week in Review - 09/24/16

Sep 24, 2016, 4:00:00 PM Life and Styles
Happy Saturday, I thought I would start a new series akin to the week in pics, something easy something that helps you get to know me and something that will hopefully get you thinking about your own week in review.  As always if you're interested in following me on any of my social media platforms they are listed below:
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The best word to sum up this week for me is “GONE”, just gone! Out of the 5 week nights this week we were out and about 4 of them for different events, Birthdays, Fairs, Volleyball games.  The one night we did manage to stay home the dogs practically laid over us to make sure we didn’t take off somewhere else.  The chaos still abounds at work and I’ve decided I need to  just let it go, I’m not going to get everything done, and quite honestly if I don’t - will it really matter in the long run.  I’ve given up on all of my good habits to make deadlines and please other people and the only people that are suffering for it, are my family and myself.  So next week - new Sarah better life!
With that here's a few categories I thought you might be interested in:
What are you reading - I am starting over “In Defense of Food” by Michael Pollan I love his approach to food, and specifically the slow food movement, its something near and dear to my heart.
What are you listening to -  The few days I did get to work out this week, I got to groove out to my 90’s playlist - I love apple music!  Even as I’m jamming out I thought of a few other songs that I’d like to add and boom, with a few words and clicks there they were in my playlist.
What are you watching - Since getting home has been a chore in itself we’ve been crashing on the couch and mindlessly watching TV until late in the evening (read that as just a little bit past 10pm).  Luckily all of the new fall shows have started and trust me, we’ve been watching as many as we can.  Currently on my short list of favorites:  Pitch on FOX - I really loved the first episode and I really hope like Supergirl was last years - it’s an inspiration to our upcoming girls that there is something more to life than the Kardashian’s and all of the BS drama.  Second up Bull on CBS - I feel this show could go badly at anytime but the first episode was awesome had some integrity and really good acting by the main ensemble.  If they keep up this pace we’re in for a real treat with this series, If Bull sells his soul I might have to look for another show to fill my Tuesday night spot.
What are you working on - I had a chat with a dear friend “The Sassy Survivor” over dinner this week and she was mentioning with her motivation blog and Periscope - you have to do what you love, what your passionate about. I kept thinking is my blog what I really love, all the time and hours I try to put into it, is it the direction I really want to be going?  and sadly the answer is no.  I’ve been trying so hard to build an audience that I’m not fully connected and committed to, and for that I apologize.  So I’m going to go back to the basics and start writing about the things i truly love, and see where that takes me. 
Weekly goals -
- Finally Finish the garden - that means mulch and planting
- get back on an eating and exercise plan
- spend more time at home
Food for the week/fitness goals - As I finish up this post, I’m getting my meal plan together and heading out to Whole food’s to go shopping - I know they can be crazy expensive but since they do half the meal prep for me most of the time I’m really willing to spend the extra money.
Beauty updates - I had to give up one of my favor eye palettes this week, it was a sad moment, don’t get me wrong I love the color love the feel but there is something in the formula that causes a pretty nasty allergic reaction.  Now I don’t know if it’s the specific color - reds and rusty colors tend to do this to me, so I’m keeping out hope that the other palette I picked up with a green base will not do the same thing.  Other than that, we have moved into my favorite season, fall colors are the best for my skin tone and I have been taking advantage of that all week long.  Look out world cause until Thanksgiving I’m rocking all my favorite, browns, purples, sages, and grays until my little heart’s content.
Style update - I realized sadly this week that I might have worn my linen pants for the last time (I say that as we head into a minor warmup again this weekend) but really, it might be time to re evaluate what’s in my closet (like I’ve been saying I will) and pull out a few of my cooler weather pieces to have close at hand.
What did you really screw up this week - My timing - as I mentioned up top, I gave up my time and balance to meet deadlines at work.  It happens to the best of us and as I look at my plans for the weekend it’s going to take all I’ve got to get back on track in-between my commitments but for my sanity and my family I’m willing to do it.
What did you do that was awesome - Last night we spent an evening with Steve’s family, and more specifically an evening with the niece and nephews!  We weren’t really looking forward to going, it was a Friday night, after a really long work week, we’re both not feeling the best and yet we still dragged our butts out to see his mom and day play the Walnut Festival - in Walnut Creek, CA. Of course with the festival comes all of the fun carnival rides and games and a throng of children that want nothing more than to ride the tilt a whirl as many times as they can before they get sick.  Enter in the best auntie and uncle in the world and off we went!  I’ve got to say it’s one of the best nights I’ve had recently.
How’s the family - we’re surviving at the moment,  Steve and Francesca have a lingering cold that just won’t go away and this morning I’m feeling a pretty good sinus migraine coming on that may be the start of my illness.  Sabrina our oldest made an appearance this week to introduce us to her newest love, we were impressed since it’s the first time she’s ever wanted us to meet one.  Mom’s doing well - we spent last weekend at the Harvest Festival and brainstorming a few business opportunities (she’s far less excited about them that I am).  For our family the onset of fall means we’re booked most weekends for family events or soon to be holiday obligations, even now as I write this I’m thinking about what I have to do before we head out of the house, and quite honestly while trying to plan a dinner with my bestie we had to look at all 4 weekends in October before we found one that worked for both of us.  
How are the dogs - The dogs are feisty, I think we need to walk them longer, they’re string crap with each other, and with the neighbor dogs so it’s been a little tense in the Kirkland house in the evenings.  Every time one of them runs outside, we’re afraid they’re going to start another world war with the dogs that live behind us.
Until next week - XoXo - Sarah

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