Week in Review 4/9/17

Week in Review 4/9/17

Apr 9, 2017, 10:00:00 AM Life and Styles

Happy Sunday, I thought I would start a new series akin to the week in pics, something easy something that helps you get to know me and something that will hopefully get you thinking about your own week in review.  As always if you're interested in following me on any of my social media platforms they are listed below:

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With that here are a few categories I thought you might be interested in:

What are you reading -  Literally as I sit here writing this post, I have a new book laying next to me just waiting to be opened It’ll be a quick read and I’m hoping highly entertaining. It is……The White Princess by Philippa Gregory - feel free to pick it up here.

What are you listening to - Mostly iTunes music - I waiver between, Yoga Meditation - 50 tracks, and Playlist Called Pop Replay, it’s got most of the pop songs of the last year or so, it’s good cleaning music - which is what we’re doing today.

What are you watching - Rogue one - and Sing - I got them both this week and last and haven’t had time to watch them.  I feel a movie and wine night ahead for me.

What are you working on - let’s see, finishing off the remaining start to the garden, writing, writing, writing and I have a class from Wordpress I’ve been meaning to start.

Weekly goals -
- more beta diet testing
- last week my exercise was in the garden this week it’s raining so I’m going for 4 days of Piyo and 3 days of cardio
- full spring cleaning of the backroom and starting of the kitchen

Food for the week/fitness goals - I’ve been terrible with meal prep recently, I think my main goal this week will be to get the fridge cleaned out and get a good deal of prep done this weekend for a good week ahead.

Beauty update - I have two words - Cosmic Metal - I picked up the palette from NYX a few weeks ago and haven’t had time to mess with it, this week I plan on seeing what it can do.

Style update -   I have to find a tailor, and quite honestly stop living off of a pile of clothes on my floor, so this week is all about spring updating my wardrobe and flipping my capsule over.

What did you really screw up this week - I think I may have killed the plants we just bought, I wanted to get them in before the weather turned and give them a chance to get a good soaking with the storm, I just didn’t realize the storm was going to have gale force winds.  Needless to say, they’re not looking the best at the moment, but I’m hoping they’ll come out ok.

What did you do that was awesome - with that said I’m feeling really good about what we got accomplished in said garden this week.  I’ve been cringing at the half finished mulch for months and now that it’s done, I’m a happy girl.

How’s the family - Family is good, seems we’re having a phone dying epidemic on our hands at the moment, the hubby had to replace his phone a few weeks ago, then the oldest and now the ex is having trouble with his.  I’m pretty sure the 6plus was not a really great phone for Apple to start with and between Steve and the ex they’ve put those poor phones through their paces pretty decently.  Steve opted for a 7 when we went in to “upgrade” I’m wondering what Joel will pick up.

How are the dogs -  Pups are good, Zola (our Pitt) has a troubling scratch on her front leg, I don’t know if she got into a fight with her sister or if she tried to get into a spot in our overgrown backyard that she shouldn’t have.  We’ll have to wait it out and see if it gets any worse.  Other than that, they’ve loved all the new smells in the garden and have been very well behaved about hanging out in front with us while we work.

Until next week - XoXo - Sarah

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