Oma's Recipe

   My dads coming into town and I thought I’d cook something extra special.

  This is the first time I’ve attempted Sauerbraten with red cabbage and Knodle or dumplings and am extremely happy with how it came out.  I have not yet perfected my Oma’s Recipe, but by far I think I’ve come a long way in my cooking skills (when I read directions step by step and still couldn’t figure out what to do and usually made disgusting globs of food I had to throw away). Yes, I’ve come a very long way.

  How did I accomplish this task?

  Basically what I did was youtube everything. You know the millennial in me and all. The Beef Chuck Roast I bought was organic and was cooked in the crock pot. I put onions, garlic, carrots, beef broth, bay leaf, and salt. To start the cabbage, I sautéed onions and green apples. Then I put all spice, nutmeg, apple cider vinegar, and water including with the cabbage on medium in a sauce pot. The knodle was bought at the commissary  in El Paso and I love German knodle or dumplings. You could use any type of dumplings if you prefer.

  My grandma never writes down her recipe’s and she says she always just guesses the amount each time. Yet somehow the miraculous consistency of her recipe’s tastes exactly the same each and every time. I should perhaps write down her recipe’s to pass on to my children’s children, but here I am making my own recipe with different amounts of ingredients in a different way combining to create a new delicious taste of my own and without an exact amount of how I’m doing this. I am not about the write all that stuff down either.

  While making my Oma’s dish, I feel a sense of oneness with my heritage and ancestors. As the delicious chuck roast wafts through the air, it reminds me of her and honored guests of family. As I make the knodel, I feel connected to her and our heritage. I take my time with joy as I place each ball gently into the boiling pot. My fingers sift the salt onto the cabbage and I stir graciously while smelling a very comforting feeling of warmth, tender memories, and above all love.

  My Oma’s recipe is one of the heart, and now I too am creating my own recipe’s with love, and maybe not in the same way, but definitely by the unifying force here is love.

  Life teaches us that cooking is more than the process itself. It’s the engulfment of the moment in joy while physically creating sustenance for our loved ones. When we can slow down and enjoy the process rather than hurry through it, it makes life so much more richer and tastier (you know I just had to).

Keep shining your light and love in all you do.



Published by Sarah McCourt


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