Devising A Brand Marketing Strategy? Promotional Products Is The Path: 7 Reasons Why

Devising A Brand Marketing Strategy? Promotional Products Is The Path: 7 Reasons Why

Nov 30, 2017, 5:46:04 PM Business

Are you planning to develop a brand marketing plan?

Have you exhausted other marketing tools?

Do you think your existing marketing plan can be made more effective?

Brand marketing is the process of sharing relevant, positive information about the company, its products & services and other news that can attract new customers and build better relations with the prospects.

Common Marketing Tools

Some of the common brand marketing tools are mentioned below:

  • Content marketing

  • Audio and video branding

  • Visual branding

  • Event branding and brand activation

  • Word of mouth

  • Promotional gifts

Here, we will discuss only about promotional gifts in detail.

Promotional Gifts

Promotional gifts are simply products that are customised and are offered for free to the customers, business leads, employees and other important people attached to the business. These gifts can be anything, such as:

  • Photoframes

  • Apparels

  • Cards

  • Gadgets

Simply anything that can bear your brand’s name & logo and add value to the prospect’s life.

What Does A Promotional Gift Bag Contain?

A gift bag can contain anything that you want to offer to your prospect for free, such as:

  • Business card

  • Gadgets

  • Company pamphlet

  • Apparels

  • Any information about your products and services

Benefits Of Investing In Promotional Gifts

There are various benefits of promotional gift bags, such as:

  • Keep for a long period of time

If you are offering your prospect with a product that he can keep with himself for a long period of time, like a photo-frame or a small gadget, then isn’t it obvious that he will be reminded of your brand every time he looks at the product. It is always better to offer such a gift rather than a one-time use product to have a prolonged effect on the prospect.

  • Improves opinion and encourage sales

If you are planning to create a positive image of your brand in your prospect’s mind, then promotional gifts is the right way to achieve that. It is obvious that when people receive a free gift, they feel positive about the person, who gave it to them. Gift-giving is always perceived as goodwill and when you offer someone goodwill, their opinion towards you improves. People make a sale only when they like the brand and its products & services. If it creates a positive image of your brand, then it will surely encourage them to make a sale often. It can also be used as a sample product and you can attract your prospect or his closed ones into buying that product or service.

  • Costs less than advertising

The cost per impression of a promotional gift is way less than that of some advertising tools. The fact that it has a prolonged effect and you don’t have to offer the same prospect a new gift every time, is enough to reduce the costs. It increases your word of mouth branding as well. Investing in promotional products has a much faster return than investing in advertising tools.

  • Innumerable product options

You have innumerable options for products that you can offer as gifts to your prospects. Some of the products are already mentioned above, which clearly states the wide variety that you have to offer. You simply need to be creative and strategic into offering what they need and attracting them towards your brand.

  • Encourage loyalty

Promotional gifts also make your prospects loyal towards your brand. This happens both the times, when they receive your gift and when they use it. Even though, receiving it is a one-time experience, but using it can be innumerable times. It will enhance your business proceedings and make more customers loyal over time.

Invest Creatively

You need to invest your time and money very creatively if you want to effectively market your brand and create a loyal customer base. You need to keep your employees, vendors and most importantly, your customers happy to ensure a healthy business environment and a stable growth curve.

“Invest wisely in branding to have a better return on your investment and grow your business exponentially now.”


Published by Sarah Williams

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