How to Boost Your Chances of Becoming a Published Author

How to Boost Your Chances of Becoming a Published Author

Nov 30, 2018, 9:40:08 PM Business

Nearly every writer’s dream is to be published. Whether you are a journalist, a novelist, a poet, or whoever, you want your work out there in a publication or a book.

All writers struggle, though, and most wonder how they will ever get published in such a competitive society. Publishers have turned down even the most successful writers who eventually went on to achieve greatness. Remember this: the waiting and rejection can pay off.

Still, though, all writers want to know if there is some kind of secret to getting published. There’s no clear answer, but there are things you can do to make yourself and your work look more appealing to publishers. There are no guarantees in the writing business, but at least you can do some things to help yourself out.

  • Be Organized

Writers are creative types, and some struggle with organization. If you are a journalist or a novelist, you might have piles of research or notes to pair with your writing, and a lot of that can get jumbled. If you start your organizing early in the process, you can keep it up until the work is finish. One such program that can help you with that is Scrivener.

Scrivener is an all-encompassing writing program that lets you keep everything in one place. It has been hailed as a great resource for writers, and cannot be recommended enough. It is not a free program, but a little investment in your future is worth it. You can read more about it in this review of Scrivener.

  • Consider Self-Publishing

If you are less concerned about bagging a big name publisher and more focused on getting your work out there in general, consider self-publishing. It comes with a price tag, of course, but if you are willing to invest in your work, it may pay off.

You can just have your work published, or you can try and tack on some marketing tactics, too. Either way, if you have the money and are willing to invest, self-publishing is a possible route.

  • Have a Great Editor

A writer is only as good as their editor. If you have a great editor prior to submitting your work to publishers, your work will be pristine and polished before it ever reaches their hands. You can find lots of possible editors out there, and you will want someone that you can trust with your work.

  • Use Social Network to Your Advantage

Our world is practically run by social media. If you take advantage of that fact, you can use social media like Facebook and Twitter to get your name out into the world.

These platforms are great places for networking and marketing – let people know you are working on something, reach out to other writers, and build a loyal fan base. Through your connections your work can find its way to the right place.

  • Create the Perfect Pitch

You need to sell yourself, essentially. As with most creative endeavors, you are marketing yourself as the author as much as the work itself.

Present yourself professionally and in a way that feels authentic to who you are. In creating your work, you will also want to consider crafting a great synopsis, and how you will pitch your story in a short time.

That first impression matters. They are lasting, so you want to present both you and your work in a way that is engaging and memorable. That will keep you fresh in a publisher’s mind, and hopefully they will respond to your work.


There is no way to truly guarantee publication. All you can do is set yourself up for success, and hope that your work speaks for itself. Literature is a subjective business, but with the right tools, you can get yourself on the right track.

Published by Sarah Williams

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