Prevention of high risk pregnancy through healthy Living

Prevention of high risk pregnancy through healthy Living

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A high risk pregnancy is encountered in a case where either the baby or the mother has an increased health problem.The role of an obstetrician is of immense importance to you at this time of the pregnancy.A mother with a high risk of pregnancy has thousands of questions and queries regarding the delivery and therefore consults the best obstetrician in the city.

High Risk pregnancy and its impact on the mother and the fetus.

A high risk pregnancy doesn't mean that you or your baby will have survival problems but long term exposure to health issues and negligence on the same can prove to be hazardous.

Health related problems like-

  • Diabetes

  • Blood Pressure

  • Kidney disease

  • Epilepsy

The above mentioned health issues are certain factors for high risk pregnancy.The need for an obstetrician at this time of pregnancy makes it easier for mother to know the dos and don'ts during this entire process.Incase you find the levels of any of them on the increasing end,consult the best obstetrician in Melbourne having years of experience in the profession

Reasons for High Risk Pregnancy in Females

A high risk pregnancy is directly dependent on the everyday routine and heath issues of the mother.Hereditary problems like Blood Pressure,Increased Sugar Level,High Intake of Insulin are a common reason for high risk pregnancy.Although in general your pregnancy can be risky if

  • You are under 17 years of age

  • Over Consumption of Alcohol

  • High level of smoking resulting in choking of the foetus

  • Multiple Pregnancy

  • You are having infections such as HIV,chickenpox,Hepatitis etc.

How will the obstetrician take care of High Risk pregnancy patient?

You will be provided with a proper health plan different from the patients with normal delivery.The health plan will have increased intake of Protein,milk and milk products,fruits,green vegetables.A proper regular check up and ultrasound shall be done making sure of the growth of the baby.An experienced obstetrician does not only provides physical well being but also looks after the mental well being of the mother and the baby.

  • Regular body check ups

  • Urine test for protein level in body

  • Ultrasounds for baby growth

  • Haemoglobin Level

Symptoms for identifying a High Risk Pregnancy Patient

A high risk pregnancy patient can be easily identified by the following symptoms:

  • Often losing of consciousness

  • Severe Vaginal Bleeding

  • Swelling on hands,face and feet

These symptoms are enough for identifying such patients and helping them consult the best obstetrician in Melbourne,

Steps involved in avoiding a high risk pregnancy

Pregnancy doesnt mean a complete bed rest for the mother.A high risk pregnancy patient is prescribed to have a healthy lifestyle-light yoga sessions,healthy breakfast with less intake of caffeine and regular check ups at the clinic.Consult the best and the most experienced obstetrician in Melbourne and try avoiding the high risk of pregnancy.

  • Eat healthy and green vegetables.

  • Follow a good and healthy health plan.

  • Make sure your body is active and agile.

  • Make a light morning yoga as a part of your routine.

  • Avoid having physical relationship with your partner

A healthy living can easily avoid the high risk of pregnancy in women.A proper meal and healthy environment with the best obstetrician in consultation will provide a healthy delivery of the baby and good health of the mother.A high risk pregnancy is surely not a survival threat but an on time consultation of the Obstetrician and prescription needs to be taken in advance for no complications at the time of delivery.

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