Prop ideas you must use for your next corporate event

Prop ideas you must use for your next corporate event

Oct 4, 2018, 6:18:56 PM Life and Styles


Planning a corporate party is not a piece of cake. When it comes to photography, not opting for props or little research for the right props can be a big spoiler for the guests. Since nobody is perfect and a little expert help along the way can lead to great success for us all, here is a list of props which can take your corporate arrangements up a notch and get you all the appreciations. Read on.

1. Party hats and glasses

Office parties are a bit formal which means adding a quirky touch will allow everyone to have a great time. When it comes to props, the simplest trick is to opt for hats and glasses. You can choose from a wide range such a witch, Harry Potter themed and a birthday party or clown hats and oversized glasses with fun messages or words are also a great pick. Pair them together and have fun with your colleagues.

2. Big frames

With the right frame ideas and customising eligibility, big frames can make brilliant photography props for your party. You can opt for social media frames or even customise them as per your office environment for a personal touch. Keep your creativity spinning as it will help your hired Sydney photographer in taking great shots.

3. Office stationery maximized

When we talk about the props, we tend to miss on the simplest things. Well, this time, we are not making that mistake. Office stationery like pens, markers, notepads and more can be used as props when made out of cardboards or used as big cut-outs. Try this trick and give the corporate party a more formal feel.

4. Adventurous backgrounds

For an unusual experience, opt for adventurous backgrounds and play around for getting some unforgettable pictures. Think of formally dressed people posing in front of surf waves and with dangerous animal cut-outs. You get the feeling, right? Sit with your professional photographers for some great background ideas.

5. Office themed props

For instance, if you are a beauty and makeup firm where you deal in the manufacture and supply of a variety of beauty products, why not use it as considerable cut-outs to make the perfect space for photography? Grab your colleagues and pose in front of the big nail polishes, eye pallets, foundations and eyeliner for the craziest clicks.

With these unique ideas, make the most of your corporate event and add a different flair for making cherishable memories. Also, let us know in the comments below if you have any other ideas.

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