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Is your best friend’s wedding round the corner? Have you been given the humongous task of organizing the much-awaited stag party for him? Well, do not fear, it is not as difficult as it seems to be to put together a fabulous bachelorette for your dear friend. Stag parties are definitely the most anticipated event of any wedding. But like any other party, you can easily arrange a good stag do for your buddies with the correct action plan. With the following points in mind, you can make this day the most memorable one for your friend before his wedding.

Ask him what he wants- Before making any arrangements and confirmations ask the groom what he has always desired for his bachelorette. It is his last party as a bachelor, make sure none of his longings are left unfulfilled. Take into account all his ideas and thoughts and add your surprise element to make him feel the most special he has ever felt.

Decide the venue and the time- deciding upon the venue and duration is of utmost importance as all the other arrangements are dependent on these two factors. Is it going to a weekend plan for two days or a one day party? Are the groom and other friends in for a trip or a venue in the city itself? All these questions need to have an answer at the earliest to move to the next set of arrangements in the specified budget.

Discuss the guest list- Now this is a crucial task to surmount. You will have to understand whom to pick and whom to leave behind for the party. Generally, for a trip, the expense might vary from 150 € to 200€. With the accurate guest list in your hand, your expenses will be controlled as well.

Bookings on time- It is always suggested to make all the bookings beforehand before the prices shoot up. Make sure you make all the reservations for the accommodation and traveling well in time so that you don’t have to deal with the extra money to be paid for last minute bookings. Discuss the expenditure with your friends who are on the guest list to make them aware of their share. 

Expenses = Booze- make sure you have loaded enough booze for the party so that you don’t have to pay extra for more of it. You must store the groom’s favorite booze and food for the party so that he feels no less than the king. Last minute preparations always cost more so it is suggested to buy and pack up everything before. 

Plan the activities before leaving- It is your best buddy’s big day and you sure want to make him feel happiest and the most excited. Choose the kind of activities which he likes and has always wanted to do at his bachelor party. After knowing his interest, you may consolidate your list accordingly so that everyone else can also join in it. Go carting, camping, skydiving are such group activities which you can choose to keep all your dudes together.

Your party, your music- Your party, your rules, your music. Period. Instead of spending those extra bucks on hiring a DJ for your party, it is better to prepare your own playlist and have a music system. With a few shots down, you will see a lot of DJs present in your own group! 

Have some extra cash- Last but not the least, this tip will come in very handy in case of some unexpected scenario. It is always recommended to carry extra cash with yourself, even if you are planning a stag party on a budget. You never know if one of your mates lands up in any trouble after getting sloshed!

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