5 Top Baby Shower Planning Tips

5 Top Baby Shower Planning Tips

5 Top Baby Shower Planning Tips

Apr 28, 2019, 5:36:01 PM Life and Styles

Moms-to-be will always want their baby shower to be as perfect as possible as it's usually an extraordinary moment for them.  When you want something to be perfect, you know how much you can work hard, and put everything in the right place to see it successful. We've researched some of the tips that will make your baby shower so wonderful, and here they are:

1. Don't host your baby shower.

If you have friends, it's their turn to take over and make you the greatest surprise of all times. They will host the baby shower party, but they should consider giving you enough time to rest and relax even during the event, as you're so pregnant at that moment.

There should also be a moment of you chatting with friends, making good memories together, taking videos and photos, and finally opening the presents.

2. Surprises

When it comes to top surprises, it's a little bit confusing. It isn't advisable to give shocking surprises to any pregnant woman. Consider putting her on the loop, and asking her about what she would love to be done on that day, so that she can be on the same page even though she won't host it.

3. Let it be a ‘no games’ baby shower.

Gone are the days of the degrading party games. You got to let it go. Instead, come up with new ideas that will make the mom-to-be happy. You should know her, what she loves the most, and what she considers very important when people don for her.

When you already know, the rest is so simple. You can opt to take her to a spa or order for home services and let her nail be well-done, give her a massage, and anything that will make her feel great while waiting for the baby to come.

4. Have a theme for the baby shower.

For a more successful baby shower, you need to have a color theme. However, you should be very keen when setting the color theme, so that you may not choose one that will limit you. A good color theme will allow you to have several accessories for the party and make it unique.

Decorate the venue, and bake the cake you consider as the best. You can be creative enough not to hire a professional photographer, but to buy throw-away cameras for every guest that attends the party. It's a good idea if you can collect all the money you're planning to hire caterers for and use it in buying gifts for the mom-to-be, and then shift all your energy to the kitchen.

5. Gifts

A baby shower won't be so cute without gifts. Go out and purchase cute and durable gifts for the mom-to-be. It can be even better when you look for a one-stop shop where you can get everything you need at once.

The Bottom Line

Throwing a baby shower isn't an easy task as you want everything to be perfect for the mom-to-be. But then, if you organize it as advised above, you'll have an easy time.



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