7 Time & Money Saving Tips to Dressing Up

7 Time & Money Saving Tips to Dressing Up

Apr 10, 2019, 12:48:16 AM Life and Styles

Do you find yourself looking confused at your overstuffed wardrobe? Do you ever wish you only had dresses you loved? Do you think dressing up or being fashionable always comes at a price? Well, here we are, with 7 lifesaving hacks to saving both time and money, but can still be most fashionable and classy person around.

Build a capsule wardrobe

You don’t have to be intimidated or feel that you have to dress down when hearing about capsule wardrobes. It is all about embracing a slightly minimalist yet smart and classy closet. Many a times, we are overwhelmed by the number of items in our closet and often do not even realize we had something until we do that ‘spring cleaning’! This can be a common case, especially if you are a constant or compulsive shopper.


Hence, to avoid that, smart wardrobes can be your ultimate solution.


For those of you who are not familiar with the term ‘capsule wardrobe, it’s a minimalist wardrobe that has a collection of clothes, accessories and footwear, that are considered the most essential.


Now what you consider essential is defined by your choices and style (but make sure in total it’s not more than 50 items). But its best if you can choose timeless (that can be worn round the year and not seasonal, choose whites, blacks, blues, browns, greys, tan/beige and a few pop shades) and classic staples to be a part of compact closet, so that you can mix and match and style them based on the occasion and mood. A closet like this is super easy to organize, maintain and you will know exactly what you have with you and create outfits accordingly, thereby making sure you utilize most of the items in your wardrobe. Since it’s a smaller one, you can easily afford to fill it with good quality and durable brands, making it not necessary to replace it every now and then.


Organize & maintain your closet

Though with a capsule wardrobe, things become easy, you still need to make sure its kept organized, if not always, at least, most of the time. An organized closet lets you get rid of old worn out as well as unnecessary clothes/accessories/footwear etc. and you will know what exactly you have or don’t; so that the next time you go shopping, you can make wise decisions as to what to buy, thereby saving time and money. With an organized closet, no more wasting time hunting for the missing sock or your favorite scarf, and getting ready for office/college in the morning (seeing a clean and arranged wardrobe is a stress buster in the mornings) becomes so much easier.


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Create an outfit guide in your mind

You can easily save time and money by creating an outfit guide for yourself. For example, do you know the different types of men’s collars or the different kurta styles for women? Do you know what footwear goes with which kind of women’s skirt? Are you aware of the different fragrance types for men?

Knowing the different styles will give you an idea the kind of outfit that you want to create and help you in choosing the right style (be it clothes or accessories) that suits you and the occasion, thereby making sure you are not wasting time and money on anything unnecessary.


Plan your outfits in advance

Planning your outfits in advance saves considerable time and efforts, and this is especially helpful for office/college-goers. Planning your outfits for a week in advance can make sure you look your best, having them well-ironed and saves a lot of time in the morning (imagine realizing that you are missing a button in the top that you picked for office and is running late). Moreover, planning keeps a track of your clothes and you can restock or replace them accordingly.


Being informed about e-commerce offer days in advance (Timing your purchases)

If you are planning on doing some serious and hefty shopping, then it’s ideal that you keep a track of possible e-commerce website offers and deals (e.g.: freedom sale, end of season sale etc.) so that you don’t burn a hole in your credit card! So time your purchases accordingly!


Knowing your body shape

First and the key step in learning to dress up is identifying and understanding your body shape. This can, to a great extent, shape and enhance your dressing styles and choices. To make sure you look your best, all you would need to do is pick the right outfit for your body type, that will hide all the flaws and give you an almost perfect and balance silhouette and not to mention, a boost in your confidence.



Styling inspirations

We all have several tops/bottoms or even accessories that we have no clue on how to style, and so have been lying untouched in the far end of your closet. But gone are those days, today, you have innumerable number of sources from which you can get styling inspirations, right from celebrity stylists to fashion bloggers to Pinterest and Instagram. Moreover, this also ensures that your favorite white/black top can be styled in zillion different ways, where people wouldn’t even be able to figure out that you are wearing the same top each time. So you can save your money and not invest in new tops every now and then thinking you have nothing new to wear!

Hope you like these simple time and money saving tips. These are absolutely tried and tested hacks that you could adopt!


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