Brilliant Renovation Ideas That Will Make Your House Look Awesome

Brilliant Renovation Ideas That Will Make Your House Look Awesome

Apr 16, 2019, 1:19:59 AM Life and Styles

If you’re looking to remodel your old house so you can put it on the market, or if you simply want to enhance the living environment for a fresh and new look, the benefits of doing so are countless. Updating your outdated home can increase property value and enhance returns on investment. As doing so provides an opportunity to personalize the space based on your desired style, you can enjoy an enormous sense of satisfaction and comfort. Renovating your home can be extremely rewarding in terms of offering you with modern conveniences that improve your overall lifestyle. Start turning your renovation dreams into a reality with our incredible remodeling tips. These ideas can transform your home into a dream space.

Get Creative with Your Kitchen Space

Since the kitchen is now the new family room, it is the perfect place for everyone to gather around and cook, eat, or have small conversations. Remodel your kitchen space by updating your food preparation area with visually appealing tiles. You can also design your own pattern to let your creativity shine through. Brighten up your cooking space with a coat of fresh paint, ideally neutral tones. Choose the right cabinet hardware to further customize the look of the room. Include a kitchen island to serve as a great storage space. This added extension can include space for another cooktop or sink. Apart from storage and counter space, it also offers a seating area where people can sit comfortably and enjoy a more casual and relaxed dining experience.

Some of the dominating kitchen trends include mix-and-match finishes, high-contrast marble designs, wood counters, blue and green cabinetry, dark countertops, and rustic- and modern-style combinations. Upgrade your appliances by installing a microwave, water-saving dishwasher, and Star-certified refrigerator. By balancing function, comfort, and style, you can redo your flooring with durable and easy-to-install materials, such as wood laminate, tile, vinyl, bamboo, concrete, and rubber flooring.

Update the Master Bedroom Suite

Your home’s master bedroom should be a separate space for reading and relaxing after a long and busy day. The bed is the central piece of furniture in any bedroom. Choose one with the right size and height for a good night’s sleep. Try out new bed linens to feel fresh. Create a sitting area to spend your free time in. Pair a comfortable club chair with a small table to build a conversation area. Tuck an armchair next to a floor mirror to create a dressing area. Place an armchair, one with a big, comfortable cushion, next to a bookcase so you can curl up with a good book. You can also use a daybed for catching up on your favorite shows in the bedroom.

Update your walk-in or wardrobe closet by expanding the space. This is one of the major improvements every American should do. A recent survey by MakeSpace found that nearly 50% of Americans want additional closet space. Hang your personalized artwork to surround yourself with memories. The lighting in your room should be warm and subtle. Good lighting can be achieved by using recessed lighting fixtures that are controlled by a dimmer. Table lamps, chandeliers, sconces, pendant lights, and rope lighting are also great for creating a tranquil atmosphere in the entire room. It’s good to use neutral-colored shades that can readily blend with other decors in your bedroom.

Build a Spa Bathroom

Turn your bathroom space into a personalized home spa. Incorporate antique-style lights and tap-fittings to add a new vintage look to your outdated space. If your bathroom is a big mess, cut down the clutter by removing items such as toiletries, hair dryers, shower supplies, and first-aid supplies. Store these items underneath your sink or basins for a relaxed atmosphere. Choose neutral colors to establish a soothing and welcoming environment inside your in-home spa.

A good shower can invigorate and stimulate your senses. Upgrade your shower system with a thermostatic or manual mixer, digital or smart showers, or exposed rain showers that suit your bathing style. Choose a unique shower head, wall mount, and handheld. Body spray or rain shower heads are great for getting the ultimate bathing experience. You can also use natural stone walls and potted plants to create a feeling of natural serenity. Invest in a jacuzzi to seriously enhance spa vibes—doing so can help turn your space into a luxurious private retreat. Finally, enhance the ambiance of the room with the help of aromatic diffusers and scented candles.

Get inspired by these incredible home transformations and create a comfortable home and higher-valued home.


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