Lose Weight Without Exercises

What do you think about losing weight? Why does weight loss becomes necessary for obese people. The answers to these questions have close connection with healthy life. Overweight body can cause various health and social issues. Therefore, keeping control over body weight is something necessary.

There was a time when shedding kgs and inches was something that people considered very difficult and unachievable. With the passage of time, things kept transforming. People started getting more informed and learnt to lose weight fast and easy.

Moreover, people only knew that to it is impossible to lose weight without exercise. In actual this is not true in all the ways. Yes! Exercise is still very good for maintaining good overall physical and mental health, but you can still start losing weight without working out.

Following are some easy yet effective ways to lose weight fast without exercise.


Bring changes in the way you eat and gulp the food:

This tip is amazing. It does not require you to prepare or cook special food for yourself. But whatsoever have been made can be eaten moderately but yes, you must chew every bite slowly and thoroughly. When you will chew properly, you will feel stuffed and filled after eating less amount of food.

When you take in the food the signals are transferred from your brain to your stomach. When you eat fast and do not chew your food properly. Then the chances of eating too much are more. You swallow a lot and quick. The quantity of food that you eat reaches high in amount because you do not feel stuffed in less time. On contrary, when you eat by chewing slowly then your brain transmits signals which make you feel stuffed and filled. In this way, you stop gulping more food and you just stop after eating less.  

Use Boiled Eggs Diet

Use boil eggs for weight loss without exercises. You can use eggs on regular basis and lose your weight. Eggs can reduce your weight and fat burn, its provide protein and burn the fat. You can read a detail guide on tikkaykhan.com on boiled egg diet.


Put unhealthy food in small sized plates:

Right now the plates being designed are relatively larger in size as compared to the ones which were available few decades back. This could become one of the causes of weight gain. So, it is better and easy to buy small plates and eat unhealthy food in those small ones. In this way, you will feel satisfied by putting the junk food in those small plates, as after putting little amount they will be all covered and you will ultimately get chance of eating less amount.

Buy portion plates:

You should buy a portion plate for yourself. The biggest portion should be filled with fresh salad, medium with proteins and smallest with carbs. In this way, you will know how to control the portion of each food category.

Add more proteins in your diet:

Proteins work magically on your weight loss process. They have direct impact on your appetite. With more protein intake, you feel full and feel less hungry. Ultimately, you end up eating less amount of food in the whole day.

Keto Recipes

You can include some keto recipes for weight loss solution, it increase your metabolism and reduce the fat automatically, it has include low carb and high protein

It is said that proteins also have impact on the hormones that make you feel hungry. So, when there will be more protein in your diet, you will ultimately feel full all day long and will stop eating time and again.

According to one study, if you increase the protein intake and take it to 30% of the overall calories that you take in a day, then you ultimately start eating around 450 calories less in one day. this reduce in calorie intake can let you lose 15 pounds in the time period of 14 weeks. and this weight loss is totally without switching to any restricted diet.  

In case you are habitual of eating grain oriented breakfast, then you should better switch to proteins and take start of your day with eggs. You can take eggs in any form. They can be either boiled or a fully vegetable loaded omelet.

There was a case study conducted in which there were two groups of obese women who took part. One group started eating eggs in breakfast and the other one was given grain based breakfast. The earlier group started eating too less in lunch as it used to feel full till lunch time. whereas, the second group started eating more in lunch time because of feeling hungrier till that time.

In case you want to know about more protein options that you can add in your daily eating routine, then you can eat chicken breast pieces, lentils, Greek yogurt, fish, quinoa, peanuts and almonds. so it is also a proven way to lose weight without exercise.

Hide unhealthy and junk food:

It is very true that unhealthy and junk foods are too tempting and they are one of the major reasons of quick weight gain too. So, it is better to play a trick with them. Try to keep these kind of food stuffs out of sight. Put them in those cabinets of your kitchen, which you do not open too often. In this way, you will end up grabbing them very occasionally.

Add more fiber:

Fiber is also great to keep yourself full and it also has direct impact on your appetite. According to many studies, viscous fiber is the best thing to add in your daily food as it helps in repressing your appetite. It works great when mixed with water. When you add it in water then it becomes like a thick gel. The get becomes very nutritious and when you intake it then you feel full for a long period of time. You can find this kind of fiber in plant based foods like oat cereals, beans, oranges, asparagus, sprouts and flax seeds as well.

Drink a lot of water:

Water seems to be a simple thing but it can do wonders. Drinking sufficient amount of water does not only help in improving the functioning of your body organs, but it also helps in losing weight fast and safely. If you will drink half liter water around half an hour before your each meal then you will feel less hungry and will not be able to eat more.

Let me know if you have any other idea in comment section for weight loss without exercises, I will highly appreciate your efforts!


Published by Sarthak Sharma


Apr 5, 2019, 5:10:43 PM

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