Top 5 Tips to Buy WordPress Hosting for Beginners

Top 5 Tips to Buy WordPress Hosting for Beginners

Jul 17, 2018, 12:03:16 PM Tech and Science

There are various factors you must look into while searching for a high-quality WordPress hosting provider. When you initially begin your research, you will go through a lot of web hosting “review” sites, along with various “recommendations”.

However, if you truly need to choose a good WordPress hosting, all you need to do is just follow a few basic tips before opting for a new hosting plan. To make your job easy here we bring 5 important tips to buy the best WordPress hosting for your site. So, let’s check them in detail.

  • Consider Disk Space

If you are planning to run a data-heavy, large site, you will need a provider who can offer you enough disk space for all the media files as well as apps. Basic WordPress blogs will most probably not need much space, but limited disk space can greatly hinder a large site.

It is important to keep in mind thatdisk space is not an issue with a majority of sites, as they are only a few GB large. For example, most websites will rarely cross the 1 GB mark unless it is bundled up with media and databases.

  • Set Bandwidth

If you are planning to host your own media files, such as videos then you will need as much bandwidth as possible. Most people use a separate video streaming platform, such as Wistia, YouTube or Vimeo to embed videos in their site. 

With the help of third party distribution provider, such as MaxCDN or CloudFlare, you can distribute your static content over servers all around the world. This can greatly cut down your bandwidth usage, while making your site load faster.

  • Processing Power

Once you have enough diskspace and bandwidth for your site, your next big concern should be the processing power. In fact, for most professionals this can be considered as the number one factor to choose their provider. As your website grows, the memory and processing power will allow you to handle larger amount of users, and run a faster site.

However, it is rare for a web host to specifically mention how much memory and processing power is going to be allocated to you. Moreover, it becomes even less important with managed hosting, as they move more towards a cloud hosting infrastructure.

  • Drive Type

Solid-state drives, unlike the traditional versions, have no moving parts and are much faster to process information. They are undoubtedly the future of information processing. These SSD’s also provide faster input and output operations, and run longer than their predecessors.

  • WordPress Features

Standard shared hosting providers offer everything needed to run a normal WordPress website. However, a few of these shared providers, such as InMotion Hostingand SiteGroundhave built their hosting platform around WordPress, and provide an enhanced environment to work on Wordpress oriented features as well as infrastructure.

Try to choose a hosting provider that supports WordPress specific features like SSD-Drives, NGINX-based caching, PHP 7, CDN and HTTP/2. The ability to take immediate backups while providing a staging environment are usually considered advanced features, which are surely worth spending for.

It is very important to put the focus into getting the right elements ready for your website. It allows a solid foundation, which can greatly benefit your website in the long run.

So these are some handy tips that you must consider before buying a hosting package for your site. Hope you will find them helpful. Would you like to add any more tips to the list? Please feel free to share in the comments below.

Published by Sarthak Sharma

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