How is Windows Server superior for SEO ranking?

How is Windows Server superior for SEO ranking?

Jul 28, 2021, 6:32:35 AM Tech and Science

Selecting the right kind of web hosting is better for SEO performance. However, it is tricky because every site demands different services for hosting. Even though all web hosting supports SEO, the Windows server can still be superior for SEO ranking by giving you added advantages. Medium and large companies mostly prefer windows server since it has robust nature. 

Navicosoft offers you the best windows shared hosting features with proper plans. Hence you can easily perform tasks with high-end functionalities making everything convenient for you.

Let’s quickly see which windows hosting you should choose and how it can help you grow your site’s SEO ranking.

Advantages of windows web hosting Superior for SEO ranking:

Remote desktop access

In order to select a Linux server, you will have to deal with several command lines. Handling SEO in such a perplexing way is not favorable at all. Hence choosing the best Windows hosting services can be very helpful. It has a good graphical user interface which is efficient enough for superior SEO ranking.

Robust support 

Windows hosting from Navicosoft comes with strong customer support. Hence if you are utilizing an open-source for SEO needs, you will need a technical support team.  

Features included in Navicosoft’s Windows web hosting plan superior for SEO ranking are:

Plesk control panel

A user-friendly Plesk control panel lets you manage your domain, emails, website, databases, etc., all in one place. The control panel offered along with the windows hosting plans allows you to manage as well as monitor your customer’s hosting account. Navicosoft is an authorized partner with Plesk. Therefore we can fulfill all your hosting needs using our best windows hosting servers. 

  1. SSD drive

Solid State Drives speeds up the performance of the websites at a tremendously fast speed. However, websites hosted on old HHD drives are unable to perform fast on the internet. Moreover, they might also lack in SEO. In contrast, sites that are stored on SSD are fast and are preferable by search engines.

  1. Instant account setup

As soon as you purchase our hosting plan, our technical team instantly sets up your account. Hence you can start off immediately.

  1. Secure email

The email service uses protocols to receive and send emails. Such protocols help you to keep the information safe from hackers. Hence it directly accesses everything from the web browser as it does on Mac, Windows, or any other mobile device.

  1. One-click installer

To make a website face strong competition, it needs applications such as Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, etc. These applications can be installed with just a few clicks with Navicosoft using this feature.

  1. Programming and database

All our Windows web hosting plans support ASP/ASP.NET 3.5 and 4.6, PHP, MVC, AJAX, and MySQL.

  1. Free SSL certificate

Navicosoft provides you hosting plan with an SSL certificate. It encrypts the information which is transmitted between the system and the visitors. Search engines such as Yahoo, Google, Bing, etc., consider SSL certificates as one of the ranking factors. Consequently, websites with an SSL certificate rank high on search results in comparison with the website without an SSL certificate.

Parameters for Selecting Windows Hosting for SEO:

Here are some of the parameters to consider for choosing windows hosting superior for SEO ranking.

Server location:

If you have a preference for the local audience, it is better to host a website locally so that you don’t miss out on any traffic. On the other hand, it might show lagging time to load on your website if a server location is not near you. Hence it negatively impacts the SEO of the site, which is not worth it. Therefore, to cope with such a problem, you should choose a server location that is located globally.


A regular check and balance on the uptime are essential to check whether a site is working properly on the internet. Some hosting providers even change their arrangements in order to pull down features for comparatively less expensive services. As a result, it can lead to sudden traffic fall. Another reason for such traffic fall is the decrease in uptime percentage. It refers to the amount of time a website displays on the internet. 

Navicosoft provides 99.99% uptime regardless of any Windows hosting plan or price. Hence whenever a visitor calls a website, it immediately gets access. Moreover, the search engine also considers such websites are performing well. A website is considered to be good if it gets a good search engines ranking.

Updated software

Outdated software such as MySQL and PHP can be a good reason for viruses and thefts on your site. Even after the purchase, if there is any software release update, make sure it automatically gets updated on your system, or you have to do it yourself.

Are you selecting Windows web hosting for SEO?

You might think SEO comes at later stages; hence, it is unnecessary to consider anything while choosing the best windows hosting. Actually, it is not the case! The above parameters, such as load time, server location, and features such as SSL, SSD, etc., greatly impact making Windows web hosting superior for SEO ranking. 

If such aspects are not considered wisely from the beginning, your SEO might not be as efficient as expected.  

Get the Best Windows Hosting from Navicosoft!

Navicosoft offers you affordable as well as exceptional Windows Hosting services. With such an ability to host with full remote access and trust, we provide you supreme value in hosting. We provide you a whole new best quality experience with a full range of services to fit your hosting needs. We have a team of specialists available 24/7 so that we timely resolve all your queries and you can focus on your business only.



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