7 Best things to do in Rajkot

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7 Best things to do in Rajkot

Jun 17, 2020, 9:27:01 AM Entertainment

Sprawling and bustling, Rajkot is the fourth largest city of Gujarat referred to as an industrial hub. Rajkot is the perfect blend of both verticals that means it is a tourism spot and an industrial hub accompanied by suitable climate conditions and well trained human resources. 

Other than the primary spots that delight the travellers, there are several other fascinating things that you can do on your trip to Rajkot.

Fasten your seat belts and get ready to go on the voyage discovering the 7 best things to do in Rajkot. 

The delightful delicacies 

While you make travel plans to Gujarat, don’t miss out treating your taste buds with the authentic Gujrati meal. It is a perfect cuisine prepared from the true and rich flavour representing the rich traditions of Gujarat. A blend of vegetarian food, meat and fish dishes, distant sweet desserts makes a perfect thali leaving you salivating and eager to eat as many dishes as you can!

And don’t you even dare to miss the famous mouth-watering khichadi, dhokla and the refreshing buttermilk. 

The magnificent Mayur Patola Art

Known for the spectacular designs and weaving techniques, patola sarees are the state of the art shopping pieces. One of the expensive artforms used to make sarees which are often worn by the royal families of Gujarat. Experience the beautiful making sarees with Mayur Patola Art and even you can buy these gorgeous pieces of grace. 

The terrific Tarnetar fair

The Tarnetar Fair is another best thing to do in Rajkot especially if you plan to visit Gujarat in August or September. This three-day carnival-like ambience festival is the perfect way of bringing your inside child out. With the plethora of excitement that comes with amusement rides, traditional dances, songs and shops selling knick-knacks, Tarnetar Fair is eagerly awaited by people. 

The fantastic Fun World

Another fantastic and amazing experience to add in your Rajkot diaries is the visit to Fun World. The best thing to do in Rajkot for bursting yourself with the tsunami of excitement is booking the ticket to the amusement park popularly known as Fun World. Open for every age, the park has astonishing rides, horror park, hall of mirrors, carousels and a food court. 

Don’t miss this amazing park adventure, especially when you are with your little bundles of joy.

The wondrous Water Park

For all the adventurous souls whose thirst for adventure is not yet over after the Fun World, then this is your go-to place. The Krishna Water park is full of rides and slides and also you can stay there to experience this fun place. The park also has a marriage hall for couples with a big sense of fun and adventure. It doesn’t get better than that!

The sweet Shree Shakti Vijay Patel Soda Factory 

An old brand and a rundown of scrumptious flavours in various styles – Shree Shakti Vijay Patel Soda Factory is an adored foundation in Rajkot. Laid its foundation in 1993, this ice cream parlour keeps on pulling in sweet tooths from over the city. 

The awesome Osam Hill

To explore Rajkot’s nature and astonishing climate, there is nothing better than going for hiking to Osam Hill in the village of Patanvav. Along with the bliss of nature, the hill has its religious significance as it’s believed that the Pandavas stayed here during their exile. and it When you get to the top you can explore the fort of the Pandavas which is now said to be in ruins but has not lost its beauty. 

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