I'm addicted

I'm addicted

Oct 24, 2016, 9:12:15 PM Opinion

This world is getting challenging by the day. People need something to keep themselves happy. We’ve to be careful where we choose to get this from. Any way we choose decides who we are as a person. Some people choose drugs, some choose connection. Biologically, both are same, dopamine. I like to see both as knowledge, something I need to know.

He…I don’t know… never really considered me his brother. I have never heard him call me bhai. I won’t say much but let’s just say I got a lot of bruises when I was young, but that’s alright because I love the way it hurts. He used to be a nice kid. Then he started taking drugs. Drugs of all kind. Drugs we never heard of. Now I am on the same path just to know how it feels. I’m addicted to change.

I understand some people want to try drugs just to know how it feels. That should be the approach. You can never tell if something is good or bad unless you’ve experienced it yourself. The habit is the problem. Have fun, but know and control. Don’t get addicted to anything. When you are addicted to something. You are under the control of your mind. It’s telling you what to do, while it should be the other way around. You are not your mind. You are not your senses. You are the one in control.

 “He is never seen, but is the Seer; He is never heard, but is the Hearer; He is never thought of, but is the Thinker; He is never known, but is the knower. There is no other seer than He, there is no other hearer than He, there is no other thinker than He, there is no other knower than He. He is the Inner Controller – Your own Self and immortal. All else but He is perishable.
(Brihadaranyaka Upanishad III.7.23)

Addiction can make you do a lot of things you wouldn’t want to. Any kind of violence comes from addiction, not addiction to drugs in particular, addiction to people, addiction to material, addiction to phone, addiction to money. Addiction to anything will bring you back again and again and again. You are the only one who can control this, No one else.

Most people don’t know why they do what they do. Surface reasons satisfy them. This is to expand your mind so that you can look deeper.

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