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My life is literally more complex than a rubix cube. I don’t even know what to write about my self without sounding like I have created an advertisement for a local lonely hearts column or a penis-hating club. However, this is a blog that I have created to share my experiences and give advice about those hard times. Yes I probably will be crude, offending and annoying but it is your choice if you wish to read my profanities. Plus it’s not another fashion/beauty blog…yawn.

I am sarcastic and have a sexual sense of humour. They can solve any situation I believe, especially when you’re as funny as me. I’m 20 years old but I have probably consumed more wine than an old vintner. I have also had past relationships that have gone lopsided and aim to prevent you from ruining your love life as much as I have. I would call myself cupid but I think that would class as irony. Single and boozed up 24/7, what a life…

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