The best software that comes in handy for switching employees to remote work

The best software that comes in handy for switching employees to remote work

Apr 2, 2020, 9:10:10 PM Business

It's time to figure out what tools you'll need to implement and maintain the new remote work format. We will discuss tools that will:

  • technically support the workflow;
  • help create a corporate communications environment;
  • organize meetings and meetings;
  • work with documents;
  • get remote access to the company's information system;
  • manage employee productivity;
  • provide economic and information security.


The basic tool that allows employees to continue working remotely. For example, you need to help employees buy good laptops.

Make sure to keep a record of issued devices, organize the order of their removal, and take into account information security issues. These issues will be discussed in detail later in the instructions.

If employees use desktop computers, make sure they have microphones, headphones, and cameras. If someone doesn't have them, buy them. It is inexpensive.

Explain to your colleagues that they need to isolate their workspace on the computer. For example, you need to create a separate account.

Also, provide remote access to work PCs if employees need it.


It is Important that employees are able to communicate with each other at any time. Therefore, you should take care of creating a database of contacts of company employees. Each of them must also have an email address and a messenger account.

Phone Numbers are linked to messenger accounts. VI Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp, and others. If they are not there, ask them to install and register in one of the apps. It is convenient when all employees use a single tool.

If you already have a corporate portal or messenger, this is great! If not, SL slack. You don't need to know it to use the service.

Create a workspace in the service and send employees instructions on how to use it. Encourage each of them to set up profiles for themselves.

As a result, each employee must have the app installed and a profile configured. This will allow everyone to communicate with each other, you will be able to inform everyone and organize working groups.

Of course, you may be more used to using Telegrams. SL slack is a tool for organizing communications between employees of enterprises. It takes into account the specifics of this sphere of communication. In addition, it is free and easy to learn.

Virtual data storage

If you still have this storage, then it's time to create it. This will help you improve your work efficiency and save you a lot of time. You can store, edit and link documents together in the corporate messenger (if you have one). But the following tools are very convenient:, Microsoft Microsoft OneDrive Google.Drive for business.

SL slack, then most likely you will be satisfied with the built-in group call functions. But for a more complete organization of meetings, pay attention to other tools.


Zoom is a leader in video conferencing. Zoom is very easy to use. Since many organizations use it in their work today, sometimes there is a load on the servers. Therefore, it is better to have a backup plan to quickly connect to the conference using other tools.

The free version allows you to gather up to 100 participants for a 40-minute conference. Then you can simply restart the conference.

Google Hangouts Meet

If you use the paid version of Google Drive, you have access to this tool.

Until July 1, 2020, you can hold conferences for 250 participants for free, broadcast live for 100,000 viewers, and store recordings of meetings on Google drive servers.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft also allows its clients to organize conferences for 250 Participants or broadcast for 10 Thousand viewers.

Remote access to corporate information systems

Accountant and other employees need remote access. They should be able to connect to the corporate system located in the internal perimeter of the company at any time.

The peculiarity of this data is that it contains critical information that should not fall into the hands of hackers. To avoid creating additional risks, configure the VPN inside the network and for remote employees. It is also useful to make two-factor authentication when the user enters not only the password, but also the code received by SMS or email. The system administrator can help you with this.

If you want to simplify the organization of remote access, use Team Viewer.

Task and productivity management

When employees are in the office, managers can manually manage many processes. Tasks are transmitted verbally or by mail. But it is much more effective (especially when working remotely) to use Asana or Trello. Both programs are available for free use on PCs and phones. Taking into account the specifics of your business, you need to create a simple schedule for working with these tools, assign those responsible for completing tasks and time intervals for completing them.

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