Surprising Advantages of Online Music Lessons

Surprising Advantages of Online Music Lessons

Jan 9, 2022, 5:42:09 PM Entertainment

As technology advances, online learning is becoming an extremely popular alternative to the traditional face-to-face meetings for people of most ages and backgrounds. Online music education, specifically, has allowed students to learn a musical instrument through web-based interactions with teachers without geographical restrictions. While this may sound exciting, it’s important to compare online lessons with in-person lessons so that parents and students can decide which option is the best fit.

Advantages of Online Music Lessons

Access to quality teachers

The accessibility and the capability of the web gives students more options to choose from when buying a music teacher, because they aren't restricted to any local region. It can make a lot of sense to have an online lesson with a great teacher from whom you can learn a lot rather than an in-person lesson with a mediocre teacher.


Unlike in-person meetings, online lesson students avoid commuting to and from a music store or their teacher’s home. Accordingly, commuting time saved by students (and chauffeuring parents) can be placed to raised use doing homework or attending to other matters. In addition, with online lessons, teachers can send out electronic schedule reminders about forgotten lessons, and soon after the student and teacher can connect.

Less off-task behaviors

It has been found that when communicating through webcam, individuals get moreover and remain more focused on the task accessible than they otherwise would during in-person meetings.

Immediate practicing

Right after the online lessons, students can immediately practice what they’ve learned although it is still fresh in their minds rather than waiting 20-30 minutes for the drive home.

Sometimes, in person lessons can be compared to helicopter parenting (physically putting hand positions and pointing to notes) whereas online, kids learn to become more independent. A simple analogy; many kids enter Kindergarten not being able to dress themselves or open their lunch containers. Why? Because their parents always achieved it on their behalf and didn’t let them have the TIME they needed to learn how to take action on their own. Music lessons will be the same. If we are always the crutch our students are using to learn, they may never become independent.

Let’s look at an instant list of other benefits of online music lessons:

•                   Lessons in the comfort of your own home without another body coming into it!

•                   Build a permanent relationship with a teacher you like regardless of where you are

•                   The ability to pick and choose the right teacher for you instead of who's available in your area

•                   Technology can make classes more interesting

•                   Virtual recitals allow families from other areas to join in!

•                   Save more time with back to back again lessons

•                   Learn to communicate clearly

•                   Learn note taking skills

•                   Students become more self reliant

•                   Greater flexibility

•                   You can both travel!

•                   Easy payment options

•                   Simple set up that is convenient for you

•                   No waiting room

•                   Easy to fit in a busy schedule

•                   Lessons on your own instrument

•                   High quality instruction from relaxed and happy teachers

•                   Online teachers are engaging!

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