Loving San Francisco!

Loving San Francisco!

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San Francisco.. This city is special, personally, I really love it, this city is special because a summer here could be one of the coldest adventures you would ever had, because it is not for the snow, it is for wind, I felt like if I was going to get freezed with that, but I can say that is definitely worth it.

In San Francisco you have some things to do, of course you have to go to the Golden Gare Bridge, that's the first thing that you have to do in this city, and another amazing experience here is visiting Alcatraz, I loved it, it was like if you really were in jail, it is an amazing experience taking a tour on Alcatraz, I definitely recommend it! But there is another bridge which is not as known as the Golden Gate but is modern and I liked it, it is the Bay Bridge, which connect San Francisco with Oakland, if you have some free time you could go. 

The Pier 39 is another importsnt attraction here, there you can have a good time with your family, you can go shopping, you have a lot of restaurants here, for me after the Golden Gate Bridge, this is the second "do" on the "must do's" list.

And the final place which i'll recommend you is Union Square, there you can go shopping, have a good time, walk all over the streets and there are a lot of restaurants too!

Additional: You have to get on the SF tram!

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