The peaceful city of Brienz in Switzerland

The peaceful city of Brienz in Switzerland

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Brienz, it is soo peaceful, beautiful with its lake and mountains full with miracles. I am pretty sure, you will get the feeling how good it can be to be an inhabitant of this small city. All of the people I could meet were so kind, helpful even though I had no clue how to speak Swiss German, just used my knowledge I used to know in high school. It was a little bit funny, because they understood me well, but I did not get anything they were talking about.

Brienz is just simple and beautiful, looks like as a typical Swiss small city, with its typical style. Anywhere you are walking, you are going to be amazed by the feeling, the view.

Flower is everywhere you step. It feels like you are in your dream, you are getting so relaxed, peaceful, you cannot imagine. No stress, everybody is happy all the time. They say hello even though they don’t know you, they will start a conversation anyway, because they are interested about your story.

I walked up on the street just explore the city, what it can give to me. You have to travel there once even for just one day, you really have to, because it is amazing.

Made by: Barbara.Balazs, My Very First Trip to Switzerland, June 12, 2016

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