What to do in Amsterdam?

What to do in Amsterdam?

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Amsterdam is a spectacular city! Has a lot of canals, about 165 I think so, that's why originally Amsterdam used to be a fishing village.

There are some "must do's" in this city, like visit the canals, go to the Anne Frank House which turned into its biographical museum and if you are an art lover this could be an amazing city for you because there is the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum or Dutch National Museum which is dedicated to arts and history and the Rembrandt House Museum, this city is like a paradise for the art lovers!

Another "must do" is the Dam Square, is one of the most recognized places in Amsterdam, it is perfect to go shopping, to visit some historical buildings like the Amsterdam Royal Palace, the Nieuwe Kerk or you can have some great pictures with the wax celebrities that you'll find in the Madame Tussauds.

The list of "must do's" is over but, what about the food? There are some places that you can't lose, if you are a beer lover, you have to go to the Heineken Experience on its factory, or if you want to go to a restaurant or a pub to drink one you can go to De Zotte, is very recognized for the Belgium beer, and another important place is the Restaurant Azmarino, I know that this is Amsterdam but this East African food is one of the best! And if you want to try some sandwiches, the perfect place is Singel 404, there are the best sandwiches in Amsterdam!

This is a special city because you have everything here, you can go shopping, yo can go to the canals, you can visit some historical places or you can have a good time in the Madame Tussauds.

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