8 Reasons Why Small Business Should NOT Hire Outside IT Services

8 Reasons Why Small Business Should NOT Hire Outside IT Services

Oct 21, 2021, 4:29:32 PM Business

Most small businesses are likely content with how they are running their businesses, especially with their information technology needs. There is no need to outsource IT to companies that offer small business computer support NJ since it will only lead to business growth and result in more work. Who wants to have more work? Below are some reasons why businesses should not hire outside IT services.

Saving time by not personally monitoring the company’s hardware repairs, software updates, and data backups and letting IT companies handle the job is stupid. Taking them away will let business owners focus on growing their business, which means more work.

Another reason why outsourcing IT is a bad idea is that it ultimately reduces costs and increases profit. And if a business owner still wants to ensure that their office equipment and data are in good working condition, why not have an in-house IT team? Surely, they are more trustworthy than outsiders, especially if the in-house team has their own expensive tools and resources; they are effectively toys for the team to enjoy. It IS an effective way to look cool.

As mentioned before, outsourcing IT will cut expenses. Another way it does so is by giving a small business a flexible team consisting of a regular team of IT specialists and other people who can provide extra IT help when needed. Once a project requiring extra help is over, the other IT staff can return, leaving the company that hired them without a full complement of IT professionals. Why lose IT staff after a project when business owners can have a full staff at all times, ready to fix any issues in the office should they come?

Many companies have used legacy systems in the past and remain doing so to this day, and it is safe to say that their IT staff are experienced in maintaining them. Most businesses have used Windows 10 as their operating system for years, and just thinking about switching to the upcoming Windows 11 in a few years will require business owners to either retrain their current staff or look for other IT professionals to manage the shift. Why go all the trouble doing so when business owners can stick to the technologies they are used to and keep their current staff.

Proactive maintenance keeps small business owners from focusing all their resources on maintaining their business and growing it if they already changed their mind about not expanding, even if it meant having more work. Why work actively to keep any problems from happening when a company has an IT staff ready to solve any problems? That is what they are being paid for, right? Why take their jobs away from them?

It may be possible to minimize the chances of mistakes from happening when IT companies help small businesses out. But is it better to outsource the IT, or is having an in-house staff do it better? Who knows the business’s equipment more anyway? Who is to say that the outside IT guys did not sabotage things?

Of course, there is also the matter of the IT company giving expert advice that can cut down the learning curve. The good news is that the business can rest assured that their tools and equipment works well for the company. The downside is that there is no chance for the in-house IT team to learn the right tools for the business. Is it not better to have an in-house team ready to fix any problems that might spring up?

One last reason small businesses should not hire outside IT support is to improve their cybersecurity. Many hackers are ready to steal a company’s data and cripple the business’s operations.

Of course, all the reasons stated above are outrageous reasons since the advantages of hiring outside IT services outweigh any disadvantages, especially since an in-house staff can work with an IT company’s computer help desk NJ. Small businesses that do not have the resources to have an IT team can benefit from IT consulting NJ.

For more information, see this satirical infographic by Landau Consulting.

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