Consult orthopedic doctors online for Arthritis

Consult orthopedic doctors online for Arthritis

Arthritis is inflammation of the joints. Knee joint arthritis is common and contributes to about 60% of knee pain. Symptoms of knee joint arthritis include pain and swelling in the knee joint. Difficulty in walking, locking of the knee joints, squatting, stair climbing activities, etc. Get consulting from orthopedic doctors online if you need.

How doctors treat arthritis 

Orthopedic doctors online treat degenerative, or osteoarthritis. This is the degeneration of joints. Where the cushioning cartilage or discs, or lubricating fluids [synovial fluid]. Treatments can include corticosteroid injections into the joint for relief of pain. Physical therapy helps to strengthen muscles around the affected joint, or ultimately joint replacement surgery.


An orthopedic doctor/surgeon can find what type of arthritis problem you have through the X-rays. Also, the specialists can identify the issues in the case of osteoarthritis. There is another form of arthritis, called rheumatoid arthritis, which is an autoimmune disease, in that the body’s immune system attacks the cushioning and lubricating portions of joints. A rheumatologist treats that.


Consult orthopedic doctors online


The second wave of the virus started now at this time people visiting the hospital are not safe for them. In this time, it is better to visit hospital for such minor issues. You can so choose the prime doctors online by searching and finding who is best in the specialty. But it is time consuming right?


To leave this easy, just download the second opinion app from play store. In the app, there are curated list of expert doctors and you don’t need to search everyone. The app is run by Devadoss Hospital so the data is privacy one and no companies can get this data. You can make video calls to the specialist and ask any questions regarding your pain in the knee. Also, you can send X-rays, MRI, CT Scan and other medical reports it helps the doctor to understand your problem.


The specialists will give you the best suggestion and prescription to follow by you to reduce the pain on the joint. Online consultation saves time and money.


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