Girls, ladies, my fellow females… you know, I’mma just come right out and ask…

Why don’t you like the free-weights section in the gym? You know, that place where the squat racks and the dumbbells are?


Now, my Gym is David Lloyds in Sudbury Hill. Granted, there are some women who use the weights area… but not many. I’ve had a few conversations with girls about this, and to be honest, they feel intimidated by the guys, and the women that they do see typically using the free weights, tend to spend most of their time flirting.

What I tend to see as I look around my gym, is that most women congregate on the cardio machines, performing endurance cardio – walking, runs etc. – and the men flock to the weights area to pump iron.

This upsets me on a whole other level! Girlies, we should be there too! We have every right to be, and to be honest – and contrary to popular belief – it won’t bulk you out, (we just don’t have enough testosterone in our bodies for this to happen), but also, it’ll shape our bodies a hell of a lot better.

Admittedly it all depends on your own personal goals. I’ve had this conversation with Jack – my trainer – many a time. If you want to burn fat, and be slim – like Taylor Swift slim – ballerina type with small assets – or just be a smaller version of your current self, then by all means, live your lives on cardio machines. However, if you want a more defined waist, to be stronger, to be leaner, to burn fat long after you’ve finished in the gym, or even want an ass like Kim K, (but please have the thighs to go with that size ass too – the proportions look far better…), or in my case, a butt like the woman’s in Kanye West’s ‘Fade’ video, you will need to scoot your way over to the weights section, and make use of it… (I mean you’ll also need to adapt your diet, but that’s a post for another time…).


Please don’t be intimidated. Men aren’t looking at you… I mean they might well be because you are gorgeous, but they will also do that if you walked down the street, or past them in the canteen area of the leisure club, so don’t fret. If they do look, it’s probably partly in shock that a woman is venturing into a male-dominated area, and also because they’ll want to give you some space to do your thing. They aren’t gawking at you. What I’ve personally noticed when playing about in the free weights area, is that most men are spotting their friends, or checking out what other men are doing – you know, in the same way we check out other girls’ asses to try and understand the level of sorcery behind the perfect behind (note that its free weights by the way…).

I legit used to be the girl who feared the weights area when I was working out alone. A year later I’m completely the opposite. A year later I am one personal trainer up, over two and a half stone down, five dress sizes smaller, and a completely different body shape. I had the same thought processes when I started training with Jack as most women do – I didn’t want to be bulky, I didn’t want to use heavy weights and I didn’t want to feel intimidated or laughed at when trying to use the weights.

In all honesty I get laughed at more now, because I do stupid shit, or – according to my trainer – “for only doing half reps, or not going heavy enough, or not working through the burn” – the ever constant burn that causes you to fall up an escalator at Victoria Station cause you went too hard on leg day the night before during your training session – but that’s okay because I’ve conquered a fear, and it’s really not as bad as I made out…


I’m also one of those girls who don’t actually get noticed when exercising, so I’m totally in a win-win situation here! Most importantly though, is that I am working on a body I want, and if the best way to achieve exactly what I am looking to achieve is largely in the free weights section,  I’ve basically got to suck it up.

Girls, please do the same if that’s what you want to do. If you want to try the weights, go for it. The guys really don’t mind, the vast majority of them are actually really friendly and helpful, (there are a few rude ones, but hey, that’s a poor reflection on them, not you) and I think probably more intimidated by you, than you are of them…

Published by Selina Jordan

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