9 Pet Friendly Hotel Etiquette & Tips

9 Pet Friendly Hotel Etiquette & Tips

Jan 7, 2019, 5:43:55 PM Life and Styles

Today, a lot of pet owners are traveling with their pets and businesses are adapting to this growing trend. To accommodate this new market, airlines, cruise ship, restaurant, and hotels have become pet-friendly services and establishments. This article will give some tips for pet-owners,  on how to not-to-shock the hotel management and other guests.

If you make the condition of the room like smelly-yucky hell; bathtub has clogged and full of dog hair, flea-itchy and smelly room, poop and urine everywhere, damage furniture, and a noise-shock housekeeper and guest, perhaps you are not invited anymore and the worst is, they might change their policy and banned all kinds of pets.

Let's review 9 etiquette that you should maintain in dog-friendly hotels San Diego.

  1. Know the hotel rules - this usually done before reservation, you need to be sure if the hotel is a pet-friendly. Ask the staff and be clear of the area where your pet is allowed and not permitted.
  2. Don't leave the dog alone - In a new surrounding, the dog might become more fearful and anxious, if they are alone, they might do a non-stop barking and worst they become destructive. It won't only scare the living daylight of housekeeper and disrupt the peaceful life of other guests, but you might also not recover your deposit.
  3. Make sure your dog is flea-free - Don't leave any flea behind, wash your dog and de-flea & de-tick them before leaving home. This is one of the reasons why hotel changes their pet-friendly policy.
  4. Don't use the tub to wash your pooch - of course, you can use the shower, some of the cleaning staff considers it as a yucky condition.
  5. Let your dog poop in the designated area - after check-in asks the staff or front desk personnel at the location of the designated potty area, and of course bring along a poop bag for cleaning. If possible always choose the ground floor for reservation.
  6. Bring your dogs blanket or sheet - Using their own stuff, your dog might be felt more at home and comfortable. If your dog is sleeping on your bed, bring a sheet so that the hotel bed sheet won't get dirty. In this way, the furniture of the hotel is protected and you might recover your deposit.
  7. Keep your dog quiet - it's a nature of the dogs to be territorial, after spending a few days they might think that this is their new home. If they sense someone walking, knocking, or any noise they will start a non-stop barking. Sooner than later you will find yourself searching for another new home.
  8. Bring a lot of supply - Don't use the ice bucket as food and water bowl or assume that the pet-friendly hotel has it all (blanket, toys, dog food and etc.). Bring your own personal things, as a pet owner, this is our responsibility. If you forget, ask the staff if they have the items or buy them online.
  9. Don't try to sneak your pet inside the room - It will cause you embarrassment and management negative perception. Aside from the feeling of being caught at any moment, you will feel like a guilty criminal,  unless you are seeking an adrenaline rush, your travel won't be fun at all.

Published by Sephora Couturier

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