Features and Types of Moon Lamp

Features and Types of Moon Lamp

Feb 20, 2021, 10:49:33 AM News

What is a Moon Lamp?


Are you in search of an impressive and eye-captivating moon lamp to fascinate you and illuminate your surroundings with excitement? Search no more as the Moon Lamp might be the perfect solution. The Moon Lamp is a beautifully made art piece constructed using 3-D technology and PLA. PLA is a bio-based and biodegradable material made from renewable plant resources. Each lamp is intricately designed by expert and proficient designers, using highly-detailed satellite images.       


 The circumstantial lunar terrain is sure to make you delve into your imaginative world and light your room up with thrill. The lamp is fully portable and provides a variety of shades that you can choose from accordingly. Each light can be calibrated to a warm yellow or natural white and gives off a pretty vibe, sure to excite you!


Furthermore, there are several types of Moon Lamps, some of which are:


1.    Original Moon Lamp


The original lamp is the most basic type of moon lamp. It is FDA-approved, environmentally-friendly, and made up of non-toxic materials, making it ideal for small children and adults alike. It also consumes less power and gives off less heat which further makes it safe. Additionally, it uses NASA's moon texture data to build a precise 3D model which imitates the lunar terrain remarkably. Its color-changing ability enables you to shift between hues with a single touch.


2.    Custom Moon Lamp


Do you want your personalized lamp to shine by your bedside and in your room? We have the perfect solution for this. Use the customize now option and send in your most favorite picture or any text. Our expert designers will then customize your design rigorously along with the Moon lamp.

Thanks to our agile design team, the resolution of the image and its quality are top-notch. 

The lamp provides long-term lighting, lasting more than 8 hours once fully charged. Charging is also relatively easy.

The customized Moon lamp also serves the purpose of an excellent and best gift for your loved ones. A gorgeous moon lamp with your best anniversary picture and words of love on it. What an elegant present! Regardless of the occasion, whether it is thanksgiving, someone's birthday, or even Father's day! Get this Moon Lamp for your children, parents, friends, siblings and make their day memorable. The Moon lamp could also be an ideal inventive decorated night light for your bedroom, table, and office. Whatever place it is, the lamp is sure to brighten up your day and uplift your mood!

3.    Levitating Moon Lamp


The Levitating moon lamp is the most mechanical of all the different types of moon lamps. It combines wireless and levitating technology, available in various sizes ranging from 10 to 20 cm. You can either rotate it at 360 degrees continuously or keep it steady. Either way, it provides a stunning display.

The magnetic levitating Moon Lamp uses the Magnetic levitation technique. It suspends and spins automatically in mid-air candidly without any support or contact. The levitating moon lamp is sure to catch people's attention. Also, the moon has been a divine and enchanting symbol, sure to bring you happiness. It houses the technique of magnetic levitation and is automatically suspended and rotating in mid-air free without any assistance or touch, capable of catching people's attention.


4.    Pendant Moon lamp

The pendant moon lamp is the most interesting of all as it can be tied directly to your ceiling and hence creates and imitate a real moon placed inside your cozy room. It is widely available in radiant shades and manageable sizes to lighten up the dull mood of your room. You can place a very relaxing and stunning pendant moon lamp in your living room, bedroom, corridor, etc. The Moon lamp lines are soft and comfortable for the eyes. A picture with a friendly vibe and a Pendant Moon Lamp will look particularly warm if you want to change your bedroom's romantic feel.

It also allows everyday exhaustion to be removed as it helps you relax.


How to Use this Royal art piece?


  • A metal ring at the bottom of The Moon lamp is provided used to turn on/off the light and amend the shades and hues.
  • Use the same ring and long-press it to adjust the brightness accordingly.
  • If the white light does not shine, it may be because of low power. Charge the lamp in such cases to restore its effect.


Isn’t it so easy to operate our Royal Moon Lamp? Its user-friendliness makes it this extraordinary and distinctive.



How to charge your lamp


  • Insert the provided charger/ DC connector in the metal ring to charge your lamp. A red or blue light illuminates while it charges.
  • The light will instinctively turn off once the lamp charges entirely.


The Royal moon lamp comprises a 500 mAH battery, destined to make your day livelier for long.


What comes in the package?


Each Moon Light package comes with a lamp, a wooden stand or a ceramic stand, a USB charging cable, and an instruction manual. 


How to set up your Moon lamp on a stand


When buying our Moon lamp, you would have to choose between a ceramic and a wooden stand. You might not have to set up a ceramic stand. The Moon Lamp can be positioned on it and displayed proximately. However, to set up a wooden frame, you need to follow a series of steps:


  1. Unhook the rubber ties and place the three wooden pieces on a table.
  2. Look for a raised part in one wood piece and a hole in the other wooden piece.
  3. Insert the elevated area into the indented part of the other piece.
  4. Repeat these steps until all three elements are linked.


And you are done! It is this easy to set up your own Royal Moon lamp! Stand back and watch your room Illuminate with anticipation.


To conclude, this exotic invention has attracted and mesmerized every individual. Its imitation and representation of a full moon is the main selling point: customers have exhibited an overwhelming response to it.






Published by Shahbaz Ahmed

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