How to maximize the value of videos in marketing

How to maximize the value of videos in marketing

Jan 5, 2021, 9:36:20 AM Tech and Science

Making a video of your product and putting it on your socials will be appreciated by your potential customers. People consider a lot before they proceed to buy something, and if they are getting an insightful video of everything you can offer them, you will be put ahead of your competitors a great deal. 

You need to have a smart plan if you are going for video making for marketing. Here are a few aspects you can look at in that regard.

Invest your creativity, not just money

Hiring the best cameramen, editors, and getting top notch equipment only, is not everything that you should do. You have to look at the bigger picture as well. How do you want your video to contribute to the story of your business? How well do you want it to do to deliver value? If you have done all this thinking, you will see that the quality of your videos will dramatically increase. However, without all this thought-processing, you won't manage to make the desired impact on the audience.

Specify the goals

Jordan Peterson said, "success is a very thin line, you can't expect to just stumble upon it someday". This means that you need to have every little goal planned out, which would lead to the fulfillment of the ultimate big goal you have for your brand. 

What is the purpose that you want every video to fulfill? Don't get too caught up in the race of views; this isn't the sole factor that determines the success of your videos. You also need to look at the conversion rate; how many people took the necessary action (like buying your product) after they saw your videos?

Make a communicative script

Your script has to have all the important factors of an actual conversation. Your audience should get the feeling that you are communicating with them one-to-one. The more personalized your videos are, the more the audience will relate to them. 

The role of tech in this is that the clearer the audio, the easier the script will be to follow. If there is too much background noise and the script isn't audible, your script will fail to do its job. 

Know how and where to host

Someone familiar with the programming of sites will manage to understand where to put what kind of video. If you are putting your video on your website, you may not get the best engagement. However, since the website is YOUR place, you will be able to customize everything better. You can get tools like playlists, or subscriptions to operate your videos.

You can also put your videos on a website for videos like YouTube. That will make it easy for you to share your video across different social media platforms, in turn exposing it to a larger audience. The audience of YouTube is itself quite huge. That, combined with the linking up of YouTube with other socials, will help you maximize benefits.

Published by Shahbaz Ahmed

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