Improve Your Ad Performance With Facebook Conversion API

Ad Performance With Facebook

Improve Your Ad Performance With Facebook Conversion API

Aug 3, 2022, 3:02:07 AM Business

If you use Facebook ads and want to improve your performance, keep reading. This guide will show you how to get it done with the help of the Facebook Conversion API. The better your ads perform, the more effective they will be. This can even help you generate more sales for the duration of the ad’s presence. Managing your ads can be a challenge, but you can have a better handle on them after you’ve read this guide.

Facebook ads have proven themselves to be powerful in recent years. You can target specific audiences without such a broad, vague reach unlike some other advertising methods. That said, let’s dive further into this guide and how it will help you with Facebook ads.

What Is the Facebook Conversions API?

This is formerly known as Facebook’s Server-Side API. The Facebook Conversions API allows advertisers to transfer certain information from their own servers to Facebook itself. This is used to help push an event and conversion data while ensuring that user privacy is protected.

This specific API will send data that is captured on your servers through platforms like Shopify. From there, that information will be sent to your Facebook Ads Manager. This should not be confused with the Facebook pixel, which has a similar purpose.

Facebook uses the pixel for capturing and collecting data. The Facebook Conversions API allows you to use data such as the customer ID and purchasing events, which provides Facebook with that very same data.

Does Facebook Conversions API Replace the Pixel?

The Facebook Conversions API does not replace the Facebook pixel; the two work parallel with each other. While the pixel collects the data, the Conversions API improves the reporting while making more accurate measurements of conversion events.

The API also prevents the duplication of data as well, which eliminates instances of the same events being captured by the pixel twice. You will need to set up sending events via the API.

Once complete, you’ll notice a tool in your Events Manager known as the Event Match Quality. This can be used for each event that you set up and keeps score of how well Facebook can match the data provided.

These events include emails, IP addresses, names, location, and type of browser visitors to your site are using, among others. This data does not get collected unless they either sign in with an account they use or sign up for a new one.

One of the events that Facebook’s Conversions API may keep track of is page view or content view. Because of the lack of data regarding these events, it may weigh down your Event Match Quality Score. 

Other events that your Facebook Conversions API can track can include the following:

  • Purchases
  • Subscription changes
  • Add to cart
  • Product view
  • Email sign-up
  • Checkout initiated

These events are useful for the purpose of better ad reporting and measurement. It can also be helpful in retargeting ads. For example, if someone abandons their cart, you could use the Conversions API to help remind someone about their item and complete the transaction.

You can also use this data to make adjustments where needed. Your sales funnel may have a bottleneck where leads have not quite become paid customers just yet. This could be due to a few factors. It could be due to the price of the product or service being too high. Or, it may be some other customer objection. The Conversions API can help collect this data that you need to make adjustments to the sales process if needed.

Setting up the Facebook Conversions API

Depending on the platform you are using, you can set up the Facebook Conversions API. Whether you are using Shopify or a compatible platform, step by step instructions are available. Aside from Shopify, Facebook provides support for WooCommerce, Wordpress, and plenty of other e-commerce platforms.

Once you have it set up, don’t forget to test it to see if you have followed the steps properly. After that, you can monitor your ads to track if they have performed better.

Final Thoughts

The Facebook Conversions API will provide you with plenty of accurate data for your ads. This can be done without violating the privacy of the user and ensures that your ads will be accurate in terms of targeting your ideal audience.

Facebook ads still proves themselves worthy as one of the top online ad platforms even with the changes made over the years. You can still get the much-needed data, so the ads are focused on the audience, including your recurring paying customers who love what you offer. 

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