5 Cool Retro Accessories for the Man that wants to Level up his Look

What is old will be cool again. That is a simple statement but a very true one. Style and fashion can be cyclical, just look at the recent revival of 80’s culture that took place in the last decade. 

In the modern world, embracing just a dash of retro style can add character to a look and make a person look much more sophisticated. For an example of the benefits of adopting this idea, look no further than our article ‘The rise of Vintage Beauty’. 

In this article, we are going to be looking at five classic accessories that men can start embracing to add a whole new level to their look. So let get right to it;

1.A pocket watch

A pocket watch is a timeless accessory that can give you a sophisticated and classy look. The best part is that there are so many options and styles to choose from when buying a pocket watch that it is customizable and can become a part of most smart outfits immediately. If you are a little overwhelmed by choice, then this guide may prove to be useful and a chance to learn more about the history of pocket watches.

2.Sleeve garters

Sleeve garters for men, like these available at Johnhenric.com, are an accessory that is not commonly seen outside of western movies. That being said, they are a great way to add flair and masculinity to your formalwear. They also provide the added benefit of slimming down your arms.


Suspenders, or trouser braces in British English, are a classic alternative to wearing a belt. Suspenders can feel a lot less restricting than belts and allow to stand out while looking professional. The only downside is that suspenders can be difficult to wear correctly if you have never worn them before; however, this guide will help you out.

4.Shirt stays

Shirt stays are a clever way of keeping your look crisp. If you do not know what shirt stays are, they are suspenders for your shirts that attached to your socks. Unlike the other accessories on this list, these are not outwardly seen. What they do is allow your shirt to stay tucked in and straight all-day, keeping your look sharp all day long. 

5.Bow tie 

As a television character once declared ‘bow ties are cool’. Truer words were never spoken, as bow ties are the perfect addition to any formal wear outfits. You will feel classy and even sexy, as you embrace your inner James Bond. If you should feel like it, there are more casual options for bow ties as well, meaning you do not need to wait for a fancy event to wear this classic accessory.     

So there you have it, five cool and retro accessories that can help a man add a new level look. Of course, you do not need to add all 5 of these accessories to your wardrobe, even just one of them will give a similar effect, and give your look more character.  


Published by Shahbaz Ahmed


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